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Hair: 3 Hairstyles To Manage The Regrowth Of My Bangs


Making the choice to give up your bangs and let them grow can sometimes be difficult... Even more, when you know how long this hair transition period takes! We give you 3 hairstyle tips to camouflage this bit too bulky wick...

Hair: 3 Hairstyles To Manage The Regrowth Of My Bangs

The bangs are great... the first few months. It frames the face, highlights the eyes and cheekbones, and sometimes blurs a few small imperfections. But when tired of the touch-ups that have to be done every month at the hairdresser (or alone in the bathroom for the more adventurous), or when seeing our reflection topped with bangs every day in the mirror begins to tire us ... There is only one choice: let it grow.

But as long as the length of these rebellious locks does not reach us below the cheekbones, it is not easy to hide them and even less to assume them. But do not panic! There are several parries to help you pass the time and to reconcile you with this bang, which seems to be living its own life above your eyes.

Curtain fringe

That's good, this summer 2021 the curtain fringe is ultra-trendy! Its name comes simply from its shape: the hair is pushed to the left and to the right in order to provide an unobstructed view, like with a curtain. Longer than regular bangs, they allow you to go smoothly and start to blend the bangs into the rest of your hair.

How to do it? Just part your hair in the middle with your fingers. It's okay if your part is not straight: it's the casual and messy side that brings this look to life. If your bangs don't hold up on their own on the sides, you can blow dry them with a round brush. A lick of hairspray and you’re sure it will stay put.

Braided bangs

When your bangs are long enough, they can turn into a small African braid, glued to the front of the forehead like a crown. It can even be split into two African braids that go backward.

How to do it?: Just take the bangs on one side of the head and start an African braid above the forehead. The latter will take all the bangs and some of your long hair in order to make it hold. But also: The variant with the two small African braids is ideal for fine hair! Start two small African braids face to face, above your eyes, and where your hair is implanted. You run them up to 2/3 of your scalp. You can finish this hairstyle with a messy bun, or with two well-defined buns, above the nape of the neck. Do not hesitate to hold these hairstyles with a texturizing or fixing product.

Fuzzy half-bun

The half-bun or half-bun is the perfect compromise between tied-up and loose hair. The bun is formed only from the top strands. Just pull your bangs up over the top of your head and tie them up with a few lengths.

How to do it?: Loosely tie your front hair, including your bangs, and twist it into a loose knot. Secure this half bun with a rubber band or clips on the top of the head. You can leave the rest of the hair loose. Don't worry if one or two strands of hair fall out of your hairstyle, it is even the desired effect.

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