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Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips And Brands

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Clean Beauty is the new keyword in the cosmetics industry. But it's not just a fast-moving beauty trend, it's a whole lot more of a movement. We explain what philosophy this follows, how the term is defined, and introduce you to high-quality clean beauty products.

More than a trend: everything you need to know about clean beauty

More than a trend: everything you need to know about clean beauty | Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips and Brands
Clean Beauty is a movement that advocates cosmetics without controversially discussed ingredients (Blumarine, Spring/Summer 2019)...

What is clean beauty?

Translated, clean beauty means something like “clean cosmetics”. This means that manufacturers do without controversially discussed, potentially critical ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment and are suspected of having consequences for our health. Some labels also include care products in the clean beauty category that have been produced without animal testing and contain no irritating ingredients. Sensitive skin is meanwhile a more important topic than anti-aging.

The origin of the trend towards clean beauty cannot be clearly defined, but it is clear that it has become more and more present in recent years. Consumers are increasingly concerned with their care products and their ingredients and generally want more transparency and sustainability from the cosmetics industry.

The term clean beauty summarizes precisely this under a keyword that immediately indicates that the product is “clean” and thus makes more conscious beauty shopping possible.

What is clean beauty? | Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips and Brands
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Which ingredients does Clean Beauty avoid?

There is no generally applicable definition for clean beauty cosmetic products. The ingredients that are not used can therefore vary. Usually, however, the focus is on the following:

Important: In most cases, the consequences of the above-mentioned ingredients for the body have not yet been fully scientifically clarified. It is therefore only a guess.

Clean Beauty: What is the difference between natural cosmetics and Co.?

Clean beauty is often equated with trendy terms such as vegan, sustainable and natural. In fact, there are differences here. We have summarized the most important terms and what they mean for you here:

And: Of course, there are many labels that combine these aspects in their cosmetics, but basically, it is important to differentiate the terms.


How do I recognize clean beauty products?

Clean beauty is neither a protected term nor is there an official seal for “clean” products. Therefore, you should always look very carefully.

We recommend that you always check the list of ingredients yourself. Apps such as CodeCheck are particularly helpful here. At the same time, you can stick to the seals for vegan, cruelty-free, and controlled natural cosmetics, which often do without controversial ingredients. Many beauty shops also have their own categories in which you can find a selection of clean beauty brands.

How do I recognize clean beauty products? | Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips and Brands
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What are the advantages of clean beauty products?

While we have long paid attention to origin, processing, and ingredients when it comes to nutrition, there is still a lot of catching up to do in the bathroom. Clean Beauty is the right step here to make the care and make-up routine more careful and safer and to gain more awareness of cosmetics and their ingredients. If you want to go one step further, you can of course also opt for sustainable products that have been produced without animal testing and under fair working conditions.

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