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Why You Shouldn'T Wash Your Hair At Night?


Evening or morning shower team? Even though shampooing at night gives you a few hours of sleep in the morning, your hair is not left behind, and here's why.

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair At Night?

It's actually not when you wash your hair that is important, but rather sleeping with your hair still wet. If you go to bed with wet hair, beware of breaking ends and knots in the morning.

Fungi on the scalp

Hair that is still damp on the pillow does not mix. By stirring at night, the hair fibers rub against the pillowcase, often cotton, which increases breakage. Moreover, once wet, the hair is very vulnerable because the cuticles (outer layers of the hair) loosen and open to external aggressions. They are also more likely to become entangled. Worse yet, you can develop fungus on your scalp from the wrong mix of moisture and heat. Results: scalp irritation, dandruff, and oily hair. Fungi can also cause breathing problems, allergies, or rhinitis according to Cosmopolitan UK.

Hairdryer and silk pillowcase will be your best friends

So if you have no other choice but to wash your hair at night, be sure to dry your hair well before tucking it into the quilt. To do this, wring out your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. Be careful not to rub them together so as not to break them. If your hair does not dry naturally quickly, use a heat protection spray and a hairdryer, setting the power to the lowest level. Style your hair in a braid, preferably loose, with your hair still damp. This will prevent knots but also benefit from beautiful waves when you wake up. Finally, you can also invest in a silk pillowcase, softer than cotton, which will prevent frizz and hair loss.

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