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Dull And Brittle Hair In Winter: We Have The Right Tips


Is your hair dull and brittle? 6 tips for a smooth mane in winter...

The harsh winter months are very tough on the hair: dry heating air, cold winter air and the constant friction on turtlenecks and scarves attack the outer cuticle, which ensures shine and suppleness.

Dull And Brittle Hair In Winter: We Have The Right Tips
The harsh winter months are very tough on your hair: The best care tips for flat roots and dry hair ends.

The most common hair problems in winter:

1. Hair problem in winter: dry hair ends

The problem: scarves and hats loosely wrapped around the neck, under which the ends of the hair peek out unprotected - and freezing temperatures that damage the hair. Dry heating air also removes moisture from it. The result: it breaks. What helps: Before going for a walk in the snow, gently knead in a tip serum, it wraps around the ends of the hair and protects it from frosty temperatures. If you are always in a hurry in the morning, you should pamp the ends of your hair with an active ingredient-rich night serum before going to bed. Also, cut the tips regularly, that
strengthens them.

2. Hair problem in winter: an irritated scalp

The problem: The heating air brings the scalp out of balance. Caps and improper care can quickly lead to itching, redness, and flaking. What helps: Just imagine the scalp as part of your face and treat it accordingly. A grain-free peeling with amino and salicylic acid loosens deposits, so a refreshing serum can work deeply. Do not wash your hair every day and use soothing shampoos with mild active ingredients, for example, macadamia nut extracts, in between.


3. Hair problem in winter: hair loss

The problem: The change of fur is normal as a relic of evolution in late autumn. The triggers for hair loss are the lack of daylight, hormonal changes, and the cold: the blood vessels contract, and the blood supply to the scalp is reduced. What helps: Protect the scalp with a hat and activate the blood circulation when washing your hair with a gentle massage. Simply circle your fingertips or use a soft scalp brush. Also helpful: special treatment cures that optimize the hair's growth phase.

4. Winter hair problem: dull lengths

The problem: What protects against the cold, damages the hair shine: Hooded collars and turtlenecks, which roughen the outer layer of hair through friction and create the unwanted matt look. What helps: For less friction, wear a braid or a simple knot instead of loose hair. If the lengths are already brittle, they can be sealed with nourishing vegetable oil care: The products are so light that you can knead them into your hair every day without weighing them down. A professional glossing application at the hairdresser's (approx. 50 euros) also works as a protective shield.

5. Hair problem in winter: flying hair

The problem: The static charge on the hair is favored by the much drier air in winter. Electric charges in our body can hardly be dissipated through moisture, which is why the hair stands up. What helps: The more stressed and brittle the hair, the more it tends to build up static electricity: Shampoos with vegetable oils seal moisture in the hair, as do smooth leave-ins. In the case of hardship, a hairdryer with ion technology helps.

6. Hair problem in winter: plate approaches

The problem: It is not just the mechanical pressure exerted by the hat that is responsible: as soon as the hair is pressed against the scalp under beanies and caps, it comes into contact with the skin's own oils. You complain, the volume is gone. What helps: Since you shouldn't be without a hat, use texturizing dry shampoo and a good volume conditioner in the morning. Thanks to them, you can activate the fullness again and again throughout the day by gently massaging the hairline with clean fingertips in circular movements and then plucking the lengths into place.

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