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Home Office: How To Create The Perfect Sleek Bun?


The Sleek Bun is the ideal hairstyle for the home office because it is quick to twist, elegant and practical, and conceals hairstyles that grow out - for example, because the favorite hairdresser has closed and the time until the next haircut has to be bridged in style. In the following, we reveal how such a sleek bun works best.

Home office: How to create the perfect sleek bun?

The perfect sleek bun in just a few simple steps.

The salvation on Bad Hair Days has a name: Sleek Bun. The elegant look conjures up a chic hairdo in just a few steps, which ensures order in the home office, looks great, and lasts all day. There are several variants of the strict bun to choose from, which only differ in their height. Top model Bella Hadid, for example, prefers to wear a very high sleek bun, the classic low bun is tied low around the neck.

The best thing about the hairstyle: The look can also be styled with thin hair, as it is mainly about the straight hair sections on the head and less about the volume of the finished bun.

Home office: How to create the perfect sleek bun?

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Step by Step: Sleek Bun Instructions

Sleek Bun: You need these tools

Make a Sleek Bun yourself: the instructions

  1. Depending on the hair structure, it is advisable to straighten the hair before the actual styling in order to prevent frizz and thus achieve a look that is as taut as possible later. Before straightening, apply a heat spray to protect the hair structure. In addition, most textures have a fixing effect.
  2. For a wet look, use a gel or hair oil as well. Apply a few drops to the top and front sections of the hair with the palms of your hands and smooth in even movements.
  3. Use a comb or a paddle brush to curl the hair back flat on the head and tie it in a tight braid and secure with an elastic. Tip: Depending on the height at which the bun should sit, the braid is now positioned!
  4. Now twist the braid around yourself until it snails around the hair tie by itself. Now fix the finished bun with a second hair elastic or pin it invisibly and all around in the first elastic with some hairpins. Tip: A (too) small bun can also be padded with the help of a matching hair pillow or optically enlarged by lightly teasing the hair (before twisting the hair!).
  5. Spray frizz and unruly strands with some hairspray and smooth it out. Finally, fix the entire hairstyle with hairspray.

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