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How To Make A Mask For Dry Hair With 2 Ingredients?


Jojoba oil and egg yolk, are the only ingredients necessary for this nourishing homemade hair mask, developed by Dr. Fabienne Millet for Florame.

Is your hair dry and dull? Do not panic! Natural beauty recipes exist to strengthen damaged manes. And who better than a specialist in herbal medicine and aromatherapy to develop DIY products that are both effective and harmless to health? In the Cosmetic Aroma Guide from the Provençal organic brand Florame, Fabienne Millet, Doctor of Pharmacy, shares her easy beauty tips for the face, body, and hair.

How to make a mask for dry hair with 2 ingredients?

Among its recipes, a homemade hair mask particularly caught our attention because of its ease of preparation. To design it, simply mix an egg yolk with jojoba oil. The latter, which is more precisely a liquid wax, is now found in most supermarkets. Non-greasy, it can be used on all types of skin and hair, even those with excess sebum. Bringing shine, suppleness, and nutrition can also be applied purely to the body after bathing.


(Ultra) easy recipe for a nourishing and rebalancing hair mask

  1. Pour into a bowl 2 tablespoons of organic jojoba vegetable oil with an egg yolk.
  2. Mix well.
  3. How to use this homemade hair care
  4. Apply the mixture to damp hair.
  5. Massage gently and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.
  6. Rinse with organic geranium or organic orange blossom floral water.
  7. Carry out a gentle shampoo.

This mask, to be used immediately, must be applied once a week and renewed for several consecutive weeks.

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