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How To Use Your Straightener Properly So As Not To Damage Your Hair?


Whether you have curly hair or a few frizz to tame, at the slightest opportunity, you unsheath your styler to make baguette lengths. But do you really know how to use it? Style lesson with Florian, expert educator for the GHD brand.

How To Use Your Straightener Properly So As Not To Damage Your Hair?

Make your hair as straight as chopsticks, tame small frizz, create beautiful waves, notches, do the waffle lengths, change your head in a few minutes, all this is very tempting and quite possible when you are equipped with a good straightener. A super useful tool when you have frizzy, curly hair (and you don't like it) or when you want to have a nice look for a day, an evening, a date. you. But be careful, it must be used perfectly!

So to help you achieve your end-of-year hairstyles and looks (it's time to train), we asked Florian, expert educator for the GHD brand, to give us some tips for use. And like us, you will discover that there is a real manual to follow!

How To Use Your Straightener Properly So As Not To Damage Your Hair?
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How to avoid burning your hair with a straightener?

“The basis for not burning your hair when styling with a ceramic styling tool is to always use the straightener on hair that is completely 100% dry (no humidity must be present), explains Florian.“ Secondly. , I recommend using a thermo-protective spray to protect the hair fiber from the heat input, for example, our Bodyguard protects up to 220 ° and provides hydration thanks to the conditioning. ”But that's not all. The choice of product is also crucial. We will therefore choose a straightener whose temperature can be controlled. "Indeed, you have to style with an optimum temperature of 185 °, in order to be able to style all types of hair without sensitizing the material. styling tools and in particular our stylers are all set at the optimum styling temperature of 185 ° which is ideally diffused, which guarantees healthy styling and reveals the shine of the hair,” he continues.

Do you have to make several passes on the hair?

"No, I recommend going only once, slowly and carefully over each strand of hair, rather than several quick passes (smoothing or creating shapes). Any addition of temperature on a hair reduces the desired benefits "advises Florian. What you have to understand is that the more you use it, the more sensitive the hair will be, with less shine, less hold, and fewer results. CQFD.

Do you have to make several passes on the hair? | How To Use Your Straightener Properly So As Not To Damage Your Hair?
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The right things to do when using a straightener?

They are quite simple! Remember to turn off your straightener before unplugging it. Only place it on a heat-resistant surface when it is hot (example: ghd or dyson heat-resistant mat supplied with the products). It is imperative to store it in a heat-resistant pouch to preserve it and "do not wind the cable too tightly around your straightener" specifies Florian before adding: "clean it with a microfiber cloth to remove sebum deposits or styling products and thus guarantee optimal glide during the next use”.


What are the limits of a straightener, what can and not be done?

"A straightener is above all a styling tool that allows you to straighten, curl or wave according to certain models (it all depends on the shape of the straightener used)" explains the pro. "At ghd, our stylers (straighteners) have the particularity of being creative tools with which you can give free rein to your creativity, thanks to their rounded shapes and their technologies that protect the hair fiber. You can easily achieve all the hairstyles you want, ranging from perfect straightening, to sublime waves or toned curls or why not glamorous notches. ”As you will have understood, the straightener has almost no limits! And it is also and above all for this that we love it!

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