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3 Steps To The Trend: Sparkling Disco Makeup Like At Burberry


This is how the sparkling disco make-up look from Burberry succeeds...

Anyone who loves to attract everyone's attention and (regardless of whether in candlelight or spotlight) would like to sparkle with the stars in the night sky, usually does so with the help of appropriate fashion trends or fashion accessories. The radiant disco make-up look from Burberry is now much more creative. Labels such as Courrèges and Coperni are also picking up on the trend and showing it in connection with their autumn collection for 2021.

3 Steps To The Trend: Sparkling Disco Makeup Like At Burberry
Like from another galaxy: sparkling disco make-up at Burberry for autumn/winter 2021/22.

To create these galactically sparkling looks, iconic make-up artists such as Isamaya Ffrench or Fara Homidi (who are known for effective, artistic make-up) consistently dispensed with classics such as metallic eyeliners or eye shadows and instead glued individual rhinestones, asterisks, or to the models, Mini mirrors on almost bare skin. "We thought about how stars could look really pretty, almost like in a dream, so we created these constellations," Isamaya Ffrench comments on the Burberry look via Instagram. Probably the most surprising thing about it: sparkling disco make-up looks incredibly spectacular, but it can be reapplied very easily and in just 3 steps! The trending look succeeds with the following tricks and products.

3 Steps To The Trend: Sparkling Disco Makeup Like At Burberry
Individual rhinestones under the eyes at Courrèges.

Shimmering disco make-up: a trend with little effort and great effect

If you want to imitate the galactic sparkling beauty look of Burberry, Courrèges, or Coperni, you need a little tact and a steady hand, above all rhinestones, decorative stars or skin stickers in the desired variant - everything that is crystal clear, silver-colored, reflective or is ideal is holographic. Angled tweezers and some skin glue would also be helpful.

In 3 steps: this is how the disco make-up trend succeeds

1. Preparation

Cleanse the face well, dab it with toner and moisturize it, but consistently avoid rich creams, foundations, and creamy concealers - otherwise, everything will slip off the skin later! If necessary, irregularities can be concealed with a matting concealer or a primer.


2. Create constellations and mirror effects

To better design an individual Sparkling Disco make-up, it can be quite helpful to put yourself in the shoes of an artist or make-up artist - or simply to remember the handicraft lessons of childhood. Because each rhinestone and each asterisk must now be placed individually on the skin - for example to a constellation like Burberry, as an eye-catcher like Courrèges, or as extreme eyeshadow like Coperni. Grasp with the tweezers, apply a drop of glue to the underside and then apply gentle pressure to the skin. Hold briefly until everything adheres well and only then carefully open the tweezers. For maximum adhesion and durability, it is best not to touch the detail or change its position.

3. Make-up finish

Complete the sparkling look with a little mascara or lipstick as you wish - however, eye make-up, blush and bronzer should be avoided as far as possible. Because the effect of reflective stickers, sparkling stars, and light-reflecting rhinestones is all the more intense and noble, the less distraction the rest offers. Adjust the outfit accordingly and keep it simple; futuristic hairstyles enhance the galactic effect (see Coperni).

3. Make-up finish | 3 Steps To The Trend: Sparkling Disco Makeup Like At Burberry
Light-reflecting and reflective rhinestones on the upper eyelid at Coperni.

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