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Sienna Miller'S Ponytail Looks Ten Years Younger


Sienna Miller proves that a ponytail is anything but boring. Her messy look can be imitated in a flash - and it also makes you younger.

Sienna Miller's Ponytail Looks Ten Years Younger
Sienna Miller wore a cool ponytail on a date with Burberry model Oli Green.

Whether she wears her hair long and loose or in a wavy bob, Sienna Miller always has a sure hand when it comes to hairstyles. The straw blonde mane is her trademark and the actress proved how changeable Miller's looks are when she attended a New York Knicks basketball game in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday evening.

The 40-year-old appeared on the field with a cool hairstyle that easily made her ten years younger: she wore a high, messy ponytail, with the top hair twisted (turned in) and casually fixed with hair clips. This hairstyle style, in which the hair is completely removed from the face, automatically creates a kind of lifting effect that beautifully accentuates the facial features and at the same time has a rejuvenating effect.

Sienna Miller's Ponytail Looks Ten Years Younger
Messy yet chic: we love Sienna's hairstyle

By the way, she wore a chic gray trouser suit by Gucci with her messy hairstyle – the ideal contrast! Nobody can do casual looks as well as Sienna Miller...

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