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Hair: Back To Natural Hair Color Without Dyeing Again - With These Tricks


What have you not already tried on the way to the (supposedly) ideal hair color? From color-enhancing shampoos and lightening sprays to tints, highlights, and balayage to complete coloring - if you want to go back to your natural hair color at some point, you need two things above all: the right care textures and a lot of patience. Because not only the artificial color pigments need to be removed from the hair structure and washed off. Other chemical substances also leave their traces in the hair for weeks and months, making it shimmer green or coppery or covering it with a dull gray haze. In the summer months, it is mainly the salt and chlorinated water in combination with UV radiation that stresses the hair and can change its color (this also applies to untreated, natural hair!). But tap water or the wrong care and styling products can also be a cause. The following tricks will help you to recover the natural hair color step by step, to make it supple and shine, and to bridge the transition period.

Hair: Back To Natural Hair Color Without Dyeing Again - With These Tricks
Do you still know your natural hair color?

Back to natural hair color: Top 5 tricks without having to dye

1. Take a break

Sounds logical in theory, but in practice, it is a step that is unexpectedly difficult for many - especially if the hair color has not matched nature for years: The best way to return to natural hair color is to do it with everyone immediately to stop coloring or lightening products. Only then can the natural hair color grow back at the roots, only then can the hair and scalp regenerate sustainably.

Tip: Use this break for an intensive care program, apply rich hair masks and moisturizing scalp serums several times a week and support the regeneration process with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals (or appropriate supplements).

2. Conceal the approach

If the difference in color at the roots is too great and you don't feel comfortable with the new look, you can use the attachment concealers. Alternatively, professional treatment can be booked one last time. Because the hairdresser can pull fine strands that are similar to the hair color in the base area or find a gentle tint that makes the color transition look softer and the transition hair color look more neat.


3. Tricks with hair care

If the difference between the natural hair color at the base and the lighter or darker lengths is not too great, you can use color shampoos and conditioners to trick. Its texture contains semi-permanent color pigments that coat the hair in a soft, uniform shade, but wash out after a few washes so that the effect is only temporary and very subtle. Use according to the instructions and initially with caution: the color effect is intensified with each application, if you want less, you can alternate with a normal shampoo more often.

4. Detox shampoos and hair scrubs

Special detox shampoos and hair peelings clean the hair deeply and free it of deposits, styling residues, and color-changing chemicals. Use several times a week instead of the usual shampoo, lather the hair strand by strand between your fingers and clean it greenish, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and then treat with a rich conditioner or a hair mask.

Tip: Also works as an SOS trick if the effect of a tint or a color shampoo is unintentionally intense. A similarly effective alternative is also offered by citrus textures...

5. Harness the power of chamomile and citrus

Our grandmothers have already used the natural power of chamomile and lemon extracts to give their hair fine light reflections or to lighten it up by one or two shades for a summery look. Even today, they are the basis of numerous hair care products, although they differ significantly in their mode of action: While chamomile has a nourishing and calming effect on brittle hair structure or irritated scalp and the lightening effect is rather subtle, lemon is due to the citric acid and the high vitamin C -Partially than the more aggressive active ingredient - both in terms of the effect on skin and hair, as well as in terms of the lightening effect. In order to give naturally medium or ash blonde hair more suppleness and a golden shimmer, a hair treatment with chamomile is worthwhile; if you want to wash out a greenish sheen, deposits, or dark color pigments of coloration or tint, use a citrus shampoo.

Tip: As an SOS treatment, mix the juice of half a lemon in some shampoo immediately after a botched color or tint and lather the hair thoroughly with it. Leave on for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and repeat again if necessary. Then pamper and soothe your hair and scalp with a rich hair mask. Has already taken some of the darker tints or coloring in intensity and saved the hair color - and can accelerate the way back to natural hair color.

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