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Hair: Why Should You Add Sugar To Your Shampoo?


Create whole new haircare from products you already have at home, namely shampoo and sugar.

Hair: Why Should You Add Sugar To Your Shampoo?

He has a lot of crazy beauty tips circulating on social media, and we don't recommend them all. On the other hand, others are frankly effective and economical. This is particularly the case with the recipe we are going to talk to you about today. Some people have gotten into the habit of adding sugar to their shampoo. But for what exactly?

Sugar in shampoo… funny mixture you will say. But in reality, this is a very clever idea. You are not unaware that the beauty of the hair depends on multiple factors. Good scalp health is one of them. It is therefore essential to take care of it if you want beautiful hair. In particular, it is advisable to make homemade masks to clean it up, use the right shampoos to hydrate it as it should, and treat yourself from time to time to a massage of the skull for good blood circulation.

A hair tip recommended by a dermatologist

These few habits are essential but not sufficient. It is also important to think about exfoliating your scalp to rid it of impurities. Once a week, use a scrub before performing your usual shampoo. Although there are more and more on the market, we advise you to make it yourself at home.

Just mix sugar and shampoo until you get a thick paste (similar to a classic body scrub). "The sugar will gently exfoliate and dissolve completely without leaving any grains or particles," dermatologist Francesca Fusco told TheHealthy. Apply the homemade hair scrub part by part over the entire scalp and massage your scalp using circular movements. Then rinse and shampoo. The good trick to know is to find incredible hair!

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