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Hair: The Mistakes We All Make At The Beach


Sun, seawater, wind, sand... The beach is far from being easy for our hair! But it is often our bad habits that end up having the best of our hair health. Here is a quick overview of the reflexes to ban to preserve the beauty of our hair this summer.

Hair: The Mistakes We All Make At The Beach

Skip the sun protection treatment for the hair

Wouldn't you go sunbathing on the beach without sunscreen to protect your skin? So why put this unfortunate spell on your hair? Like the epidermis, the hair fiber needs a little boost to resist the drying effect of UV rays and stay healthy. There are also specific treatments that are precisely designed to protect the hair from the sun and the attacks it undergoes at the beach (sand, sea salt): sun protection hair care. With various textures (oil, milk, cream, etc.), they preserve the hydration of the fiber and act like a real sunscreen on the hair. So we don't forget to slip one of these sun care products for the hair in your beach bag.

Put monoi on your hair

Be careful not to confuse care oil and frying oil! If we love the divine smell of monoi and its nourishing action on the hair, this oil resulting from the maceration of tiare flowers in coconut oil should not be applied before or during exposure to the sun because it does contain no sun filters. In short, in the sun, it then becomes a simple oil again which, when heated intensely by UV rays, will tend to burn your skin and damage your hair.

On the other hand, you can absolutely use your favorite monoi oil to repair your hair after the beach, in the evening, as a touch of care on the lengths and ends!

Let your hair dry wet with seawater

After your swimming, do you have the habit of going straight on your towel to let your body and your hair dry in the sun? This is not the best idea for the well-being of your hair fiber because seawater, which contains salt, is drying for your locks when you let it act quietly in your lengths... Better to go rinse your hair in the clear water of the beach shower before laying on the hot sand. Your hair will thank you.

And if there isn't a public shower on your beach, consider taking a bottle of tap water with you on your afternoons at the beach.

Let your hair dry wet with seawater | Hair: The Mistakes We All Make At The Beach

Forgetting to reapply your hair sunscreen

Are you already a good student and always have sun protection for your hair at the beach on hand? We congratulate you! But do you think about reapplying it regularly during the day in your hair? If the answer is no, please be aware that it is a mistake. This is because, like sunscreens for the skin, sunscreen products generally need to be applied several times a day, and often after each swim, to be truly effective. The right reflex to take? Apply it every two hours and always after cooling off in the sea, just as you would with your face or body sun care.


Rub her hair in her beach towel

For some it is simply a reflex, for others, it is the remedy to dry your hair faster after swimming a little late at the end of the day, but let's face it: it is a serious mistake for the health of your hair. Rubbing wet hair is not recommended because it weakens your length. Already attacked by the sun, seawater, and sand, they could well break or form ugly knots. The right gesture? Wrap them gently in the towel to gently wring them out, just squeezing the fabric over them to absorb the excess water.

Bathing with loose hair

Bathing with loose hair | Hair: The Mistakes We All Make At The Beach

We grant you, nothing like running towards the sea with your hair blowing in the wind, diving into the water, and emerging from the waves like a naiad to feel invigorated. But this bad habit promotes the formation of knots in the hair, especially when the latter are long. To avoid having your hair all tangled, remember to tie it up. The ideal anti-tangle hairstyle for bathing? The braid! She perfectly disciplines the lengths in addition to being hot. You just have to do it, taking care not to tighten the strands too tightly (since your hair will be wet and therefore more fragile), and voila!

Untangle them when they are still full of water

Swimming is certainly the most pleasant, but as we told you just now, it has the disadvantage of promoting the appearance of knots in the hair. And if this is all the more true when you soak your detached hair, it is in any case necessary to put your lengths in order after enjoying a few fathoms in seawater. , we tend to grab our brush or comb immediately after swimming, but it's not very good for our hair. This is because when it is still full of water, the hair is more fragile and more prone to breakage. In short, they do not cope well with disentangling. So it's best to wait a few minutes for most of the moisture to evaporate before you begin to gently disentangle the lengths with a wide-tooth comb. This removes the sand residue and gently loosens the knots, without risking too much damage to your hair. If necessary, nothing prevents you from continuing the detangling with a finer comb afterward, but always start with a detangling comb which will be softer with your damp hair.

Bonus tip: don't hesitate to use your sunscreen as a detangling aid since this type of product has moisturizing properties.

Untangle them when they are still full of water | Hair: The Mistakes We All Make At The Beach

Quickly tie them up when they're tangled

Who has never rolled up their tangled lengths by swimming or napping on the sand in a bun before continuing their day at the beach or getting dressed on the way home? We admit, when the laziness of the holidays wins us over, twisting your hair in a quick tie is a very tempting solution rather than taking the time to untie the knots in our hair. However, this will only aggravate the knots and/or create new ones, and may also promote breakage. So we get into the good habit of disentangling your hair before tying it back in a hurry. And if, really, you don't have time: at least run your fingers through her hair to untangle the biggest knots before tying.

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