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"Bottleneck Bangs" Replace Curtain Bangs And Suit Every Woman


Would you like to try a pony hairstyle? Then this trend is perfect for you: This is how "bottleneck bangs" work.

"Bottleneck Bangs" Replace Curtain Bangs And Suit Every Woman
Stylish and casual at the same time: pony hairstyles are very trendy.

"Bottleneck Bangs" Replace Curtain Bangs And Suit Every Woman
We'll tell you what the "bottleneck bangs" are all about.

To wear or not to wear a pony, that is the question! For many, ordering a pony hairstyle from the hairdresser is a big step. But now there is a trend that serves as a precursor to curtain bangs and is therefore perfect for trying out the new look – without taking too many risks. "Bottleneck Bangs" are not only trendy but also easy to care for and suit every woman. We'll tell you what's behind it here.

"Bottleneck Bangs": This is how the new trend pony works

This trend got its name because the cut is reminiscent of the shape of a bottleneck: narrow, short in the middle, and then wide towards the outside. Bottleneck bangs are about cutting the bangs a lot longer than curtain bangs, for example. The bangs fall in a slight curve on the cheekbones and reach about the chin. The middle part is cut slightly shorter than the rest and then gradually gets longer towards the outside. Bottleneck bangs have a cool 70s vibe and are super flattering. Best of all, they suit every face shape! The length of this look can be individually adjusted and either accentuate or conceal the cheekbones.

"Bottleneck Bangs": Perfectly imperfectly styled

Even if you should definitely have the trendy fringe cut by a professional, you don't need any special styling skills afterward. The "bottleneck bangs" are simply styled into a center parting with a hairdryer and a round brush - and are welcome to look a little disheveled. That makes the look all the more casual. Have fun trying!

`Bottleneck Bangs`: Perfectly imperfectly styled | "Bottleneck Bangs" Replace Curtain Bangs And Suit Every Woman



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