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Mermaid Hair: Trendiest Wavy Hairstyle Of The Moment!


On Instagram, mermaid's hair is unleashing passions! But what is so different about this wavy hairstyle from others and how do you go about it? Find out here!

While hair trends continue to multiply, it is true that some particularly mark us and endure more than others. It's a fact: the fashion for wavy hair is undoubtedly one of them. Indeed, if it has been at the heart of everyone's attention for several years now, it seems that the wavy is far from having said its last word ... For a few months now, we have even rediscovered it in a completely different way: in its mermaid hair version. Neither one nor two, on Instagram everyone sports this hairstyle with pride. So much so that it is almost impossible to miss it. Mermaid hair is everywhere. So, if you too are keen on adopting this mermaid haircut, then this article is for you. Not only do we intend to reveal all the secrets of mermaid hair to you, but you will also find something to inspire you here. So all you have to do is stock up on ideas and advice!

Mermaid hair: Trendiest wavy hairstyle of the moment!

How do you recognize mermaid hair?

The mermaid hair is in fact a wavy with a notched appearance, which is best worn on long hair (whether it is extensions or natural hair, it doesn't matter) in order to accentuate the desired mermaid look... What differentiates this hairstyle from the classic wavy hairstyle, which we are used to, is above all that the curls of mermaid hair are made on much thinner strands and therefore necessarily more numerous. As a result, the hair is even more dotted with volume and substance throughout the hair: from roots to ends.

If this beauty treatment is particularly trendy at the moment, you may have already noticed it several years ago... Indeed, the mermaid hair is the iconic hairstyle of Sarah Jessica Parker alias Carrie Bradshaw in the famous Sex and the City series! So, if this haircut already made you fall for it then, now is the time to give in to it, don't you think?

How do you recognize mermaid hair? | Mermaid hair: Trendiest wavy hairstyle of the moment!
Instagram: @maevadestef

What do you need for successful mermaid hair?

Want to adopt the trendiest hairstyle of the moment, but don't know how to go about it? Note that with mermaid hair, there is nothing too complicated (in any case, if you have the right hair equipment). Indeed, if this beauty treatment is possible on all types of hair, it is in all cases difficult to do without heat to give shape to the curls specific to mermaid hair... This is why you are going to need a particular hairstyle.

Of course, you could use a classic curler, but know that with this one, the hairstyle would take longer to achieve, for a very random rendering... This is why we advise you to prefer a curler to three heads, a device which will make it much easier and faster to obtain the mermaid hair of your dreams!

What do you need for successful mermaid hair? | Mermaid hair: Trendiest wavy hairstyle of the moment!
Three Head Curling Iron - Ckeyin

We love it because: with its adjustable temperature, this product adapts to your hair type whatever it is, and promises to sublimate your hair. Fast, it will allow you to do three rows of curls at a time, which will save you a lot of time when it comes to creating one of the most trendy hairstyles today: mermaid hair. In addition, thanks to its ceramic coating, the damage to your hair will be reduced. Bonus: This product comes with an anti-scalding glove.

How to make mermaid hair?

Once the right hairdressing device is at hand, all you have to do is select fine strands of hair before pressing on them several times, and for a few seconds the iron, always starting from the roots until reaching peaks.

Note that the thinner the selected strands of hair, the more volume is present throughout the hair. So advise according to the desired result.

Be careful, as every time you use this type of heating device to shape your hair, it is essential to apply a heat protector before doing your mermaid hair. Without it, you risk seriously damaging your hair fiber. We also recommend that you do not skimp on the care between the realization of two hairstyles of the kind.

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Mermaid hair: Curls that hold, please!

Already adore this haircut, but need some tips on how to keep it going all day? Here are some! For curls that remain supple, natural, and well defined over the hours, we recommend that you use a texturizing product so that volume and movements last as long as possible.

If you want to accentuate even more the wavy effect obtained, know that certain colorings also make it possible to embellish the hair with reliefs. This is particularly the case with sweeping! And speaking of coloring, precisely...


Mermaid hair and hair coloring

As this can be confusing, you should know that the fashion of mermaid hair can also refer to a coloring style that is meant to be colorful, to say the least! If these two different trends (hairstyle and hair color) have the same name, it is because their respective results are similar to the idea that we have of the hair of a mermaid!

With colored mermaid hair, it's no secret: the more colorful the hair, the better. Blue, pink, green, purple, pastel shades of all kinds… Let your originality speak for itself! Either way, we recommend that you always turn to a hairstylist for such coloring. The result will only be more successful and dazzling!

Mermaid hair and hair coloring | Mermaid hair: Trendiest wavy hairstyle of the moment!
Instagram: @mermaidians

Now that you've had your fill of tips and ideas, are you ready to embrace the mermaid look you're sure to be envied?

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