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Blow-Dry Your Hair Hot Or Cold? An Expert Explains


Blow-dry your hair hot or cold, with or without a nozzle? An expert explains how the hairdryer result is perfect...

Blow-Dry Your Hair Hot Or Cold? An Expert Explains
Is Blow-dry hot or cold? A professional explains.

Many advice pages on the Internet say that hot air with a blow dryer can damage wet hair in particular. After all, hair is much more sensitive and prone to damage when it is wet, which is why you should never rub it dry with a towel, but rather squeeze it out carefully so as not to unnecessarily strain the mane. The problem: at the coldest temperature level, long hair in particular takes a long time to dry out. So how are you doing right?

Stefan Keim, National Creative Education Leader at ghd, explains to us: "I recommend blow-drying your hair up to 50 percent dry at the highest temperature level and without a nozzle. I prefer to use the ghd helios hairdryer and dry the hair overhead, which I do move the hairdryer in a circular motion. It is important to ensure that the hair dryer has a little distance from the hair and that it is not pulled directly along the hair."

With the round brush for the perfect finish

Afterwards, as soon as the hair is well dried, the expert then reaches for the round brush. "In this way, you can either smooth the structure optimally or blow-dry volume into your hair. Here, too, you can continue to work in circular movements, preferably at a medium temperature level," says Keim.

 "Erst heiß anföhnen, dann auf mittlerer Stufe komplett trockenföhnen."
Stefan Keim, National Creative Education Leader bei ghd

This is how the hair becomes particularly shiny when blow-drying:

"If you blow-dry the hair in the direction of growth or with the cuticle, the cuticle closes and you achieve the optimum shine," explains the hair expert. Extra tip: The hair becomes particularly shiny if you blow-dry it with the nozzle.

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