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How Do I Take Care Of My Brittle Hair?


A multitude of factors can weaken hair and make it brittle. However, nothing is lost, there are several techniques to remedy this. Discover all the tips to restore your hair to its full strength, and thus prevent breakage.

How Do I Take Care Of My Brittle Hair?

Do you dream of Rapunzel-like hair but can't seem to grow it? Your hair may be too weak, making it difficult for you to show off great lengths. However, there is no point in giving up all hope of having long, healthy, and strong hair. Your hair is damaged, dry, brittle, and we have the solutions to remedy it.

Good reflexes to have:

Mistakes to avoid:

If your hair is already weakened, then it is necessary to avoid the heat and to abandon as much as possible the brushings, the straightener, or the curling iron. Natural drying is always recommended over using a hairdryer. If, on the other hand, you use this type of device, as explained a little above, it is essential to apply a protective treatment beforehand to limit the damage. In addition, hair color, perms, or even discolorations can wreak havoc on your mane.

Be especially careful when the hair is wet or damp because that is when it is most fragile. Thus, you should avoid brushing or tying them when they are not dry. It is also recommended that you do not leave your hair tied back all day as this can cause it to break.

There are some other little things that can change everything as well. For example, choosing a silk or satin pillowcase will limit the risk of knots and therefore breakage.

Right care products to choose for long, strong hair

To preserve the lengths of your hair, a nourishing treatment (whether it is enriched with keratin, jojoba oil, coconut milk ...) at least once a week to let act for about 5 to 10 minutes is the best way. to rehydrate them and nourish them in depth. After each shampoo, don't forget the detangling step either. We choose one specially formulated to reconstruct damaged tips.

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