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Your Hairdresser Uses This Volume Spray For Her Looks


Blake Lively has probably the best hair in showbiz. How does she do it? With the help of your hairdresser - and with the right care.

Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks
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This performance took our breath away! The Met Gala 2018 was one of THE fashion moments for actress Blake Lively (33)! Her Versace dress was dark red, embroidered with gold, transparent on the hips and legs, and set with fine, colorful stones and pearls. It took 600 working hours to embroider the bodice. The dress was so voluminous that Blake needed a bus to get to the party.

The hammer outfit was crowned by a hairstyle that was adorned with a golden halo reminiscent of a halo. This time Blake's hairstylist Rod Ortega had her great, blonde mane, which we have admired since her breakthrough in the role of Serena van der Woodsen in "Gossip Girl" and marveled at in every single episode of the series, into a bun.

Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks

Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks

Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks
Instagram: @blakelively

This is how Blake Lively's glamor bun came about

Just like her blonde waves, Blake's slightly fluffy updo looked as classy as it was effortless and light at the gala. The hairstylist revealed to the magazine "" how much work actually went into this look. He was proud to say that he wanted natural texture for this look. He prepared Blake's hair with a volumetric spray after washing and grooming before it even got to the top. He combed it up to the tips. Then he dried the hair with the diffuser attachment and loosened it up at the roots with his fingertips. He worked in curls with the curling iron, some of which he then combed out again and others parted with his fingers. For this work, he relied on products from the French brand René Furterer, such as the wonderfully scented Volumea Volume Care Spray.

This is how Blake Lively's glamor bun came about | Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks
Instagram: @renefurtererportugal

The French brand not only focuses on the care of the hair but also on the scalp as the basis for beautiful hair. When the young René Furterer, who grew up in Provence, was working in his wife's hairdressing salon in Paris in the 1950s, he began to develop the first products. Back then, women wanted the hydrogen-blonde curls of a Marilyn Monroe, but there was no care that regenerated hair that had been damaged by excessive styling. This is how the company, which has belonged to the French pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre since 1980, tells its own founding story. First, René Furterer developed to care for badly damaged hair: the nourishing hair mask with shea butter. Complexe 5 was later added, a product for the scalp that is said to revitalize the hair with warming essential oils made from lavender and orange and to strengthen the hair at the roots.

This is how Blake Lively's glamor bun came about | Your hairdresser uses this volume spray for her looks
Instagram: @apotheeklamoot

Volume spray gives fine hair hold

It is part one of a three-step care routine that René Furterer advises us to do once a week: First, the scalp is prepared with Complexe 5. This should improve the supply of nutrients to the hair roots, strengthen the hair and care products should be able to penetrate the hair better. A small scalp massage ideally complements the program and is also good for the soul! This is followed by step two and three hair washing and care, specially tailored to our scalp type.

René Furterer products rely on substances from the world of plants: natural extracts and wonderfully scented essential oils. Some, such as lavender oil, are said to have a warming effect and stimulate circulation, while others, such as eucalyptus or mint, are cooling and refreshing.

The Volumea Volume Care Spray, trusted by Blake Lively's stylist, contains carob extract. The polysaccharides (polysaccharides) contains combine with the hair and give it hold and volume explain the manufacturer.

Care for beautiful, fine hair

The spray, which comes in a restrained, fresh green bottle, can be conveniently bought online, for example at "". There, 125 milliliters currently cost 17.87 euros. The sensual and refreshingly scented product is best sprayed onto the hairline and towel-dried hair after shampooing. We don't have to rinse it out. For extra volume and even better hold, René Furterer recommends blow-drying your hair upside down after applying the spray.

The Volumea Volume Care Spray is particularly suitable for women with fine hair who want more fullness: It should give long-lasting, natural volume and support and fix the hair in a natural way. Another plus: It has an antistatic effect and prevents fine hair from becoming uncomfortably charged. Many women, especially those with fine hair, know how annoying flying, electrically charged hair can be!

By the way, star hairdresser Rod Ortega revealed another secret about the hair of his celebrity customer to the magazine "": Other stylists kept asking him whether it really was all Blake's hair, he chats from the sewing box. And admittedly, we asked ourselves that at the "Gossip Girl" binge. Didn't Blake help with her waves of madness with extensions? But her hairdresser knows: Blake is one of those lucky people who are naturally blessed with such splendor. "It's all her hair," Rod told the online magazine. Her hair is not that thick, however: Special products add volume to her hair and she really takes good care of it, which is an important factor.

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