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Hairstyles For Re-Styling


Sie brauchen eine neue Frisur? Hier finden Sie unsere Lieblings-Stylings für jeden Typen und jede Haarlänge - ganz einfach zum Nachstylen. Lassen Sie sich von unsere Frisuren-Tipps inspirieren.

Most beautiful hairstyles to re-style

Alexis Bledel - On a soft wave

Alexis Bledel - On a soft wave | Hairstyles for re-styling

Intense shimmering copper reflections and a frizzy cut pony part flatter the face of Alexis Bledel (39, "Sin City"). Shape the lengths into waves with the styling iron and no longer comb them. Fog all around with gloss spray (e.g. from L’Oréal Professionnel).

Cameron Diaz - A true classic

Cameron Diaz - A true classic | Hairstyles for re-styling

With the chin-length bob in the undone look, the Californian actress (48) perfectly underlines her image as "Everybody’s Darling". The hair is blow-dried only with a round brush, giving it shine and a bold curl.


Amy Adams - On the wave of nostalgia

Amy Adams - On the wave of nostalgia | Hairstyles for re-styling

Looks more complicated than it is: First the hair of US actress Amy Adams (46, "Night at Museum 2") was shaped with surfers and fixed with hair lacquer (e.g. from Studio Line). Pull everything together loosely at the neck, fold in and fasten with a wide jewelry clasp.

Anne Hathaway - New Romantic

Anne Hathaway - New Romantic | Hairstyles for re-styling

For women with such distinctive faces as Anne Hathaway (38, Oscar for “Les Misérables”), the full pony part acts like a soft focus. Put push-up spray (e.g. from Wella) into the approaches. Blow-dry everything with the round brush from the upper vertebra onto the face.

Charlize Theron - Short Cut

Charlize Theron - Short Cut | Hairstyles for re-styling

The exact cut that film star Charlize Theron (45) got for her role in “Mad Max” makes it here: Everything is extremely short and feathery. Just pluck the tips with wax.

Emilia Clarke - Interplay

Emilia Clarke - Interplay | Hairstyles for re-styling

The classic long haircut of the London TV star Emilia Clarke (33, fantasy series “Game of Thrones”) is given more structure by anti-frizz gel (e.g. from John Frieda). Twist your hair on large heating rollers and, after cooling, style with the gel and a wide-toothed comb to the right.

Glenn Close - Flattering look

Glenn Close - Flattering look | Hairstyles for re-styling

Large heating coils bring movement into the long bob of film star Glenn Close (74, “A fateful affair”). After cooling, the only style with your fingers.

Halle Berry - Top work

Halle Berry - Top work | Hairstyles for re-styling

Halle Berry (54) looks cheeky with this styling. Knead the spray gel into dry hair. Pull up the top of the head section by section with your fingers and twirl up fringed.

January Jones - Right on top

January Jones - Right on top | Hairstyles for re-styling

This is how the pixie of US actress January Jones (43, “Mad Men”) is going out nicely: Top the pony part, style it backward and fix it with hair lacquer. Comb the sides strictly back with gel (e.g. from Schwarzkopf Professional). This half wet look creates a nice color contrast.


Jennifer Lawrence - New Romantic

Jennifer Lawrence - New Romantic | Hairstyles for re-styling

The braided hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence (30, "Silver Linings") is Oscar-worthy. Curl your hair with the curling iron. Braid loose braids on the sides. Tie everything in the neck into a knot.

Jodie Foster - That's class

Jodie Foster - That's class | Hairstyles for re-styling

All around the hair of Hollywood star Jodie Foster (58, just honored with the Golden Globe for her life's work) is cut bluntly, from the middle part of the hair straight.

Julianne Hough - Great role

Julianne Hough - Great role | Hairstyles for re-styling

Ideal for blondes: All-round talent Julianne Hough (32, “Safe Haven”) has tucked the hair at the top, combed it back, and beat it over the back of the hand into a “banana”.

Katharine McPhee - Nicely curled

Katharine McPhee - Nicely curled | Hairstyles for re-styling

The simple knotted hairstyle of singer and actress Katharine McPhee (37, musical series “Smash”) is done quickly: comb everything back tight and pile it up loosely.

Marion Cotillard - Smooth and shiny

Marion Cotillard - Smooth and shiny | Hairstyles for re-styling

An ultra-long sloping pony and asymmetrical contours make the sleek look of Parisian actress Marion Cotillard (45, “La vie en rose”) look really glamorous.

Michelle Williams - A smooth thing

Michelle Williams - A smooth thing | Hairstyles for re-styling

Large layers, a long top, and short neck hair are the basis for the Garçon look by Michelle Williams (40, "The Fantastic World of Oz"). Knead in setting agent with a glossy effect (e.g. from taffeta). Blow-dry everything diagonally forward from the rear right vertebral point. Fix with varnish.

Naomi Watts - Fine shooting

Naomi Watts - Fine shooting | Hairstyles for re-styling

The British-Australian actress Naomi Watts (52, "The Impossible") shines here with an undone peg hairstyle. At the top, the hair is teased into a soft quiff, at the back of the head thin strands have been twisted, twisted, and fixed into a bun with needles.

Scarlette Johansson - Towered high

Scarlette Johansson - Towered high | Hairstyles for re-styling

This emphasizes the beautiful profile of Scarlett Johansson (36, "The Horse Whisperer"): Style your hair tight back, tease the top of the head vigorously and pin the ends loosely.

Stacy Keibler - Roll sideways

Stacy Keibler - Roll sideways | Hairstyles for re-styling

Ex-wrestler and George Clooney friend Stacy Keibler (41) has converted her long hair into a short look with large curls and side volume. Roll up the lengths over your fingertips and pin them invisibly on the side of the neck with hairpins.

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