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Bottleneck Bangs: New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt For 2023


The bangs remain the timeless hairstyle trend. But almost every year, it reinvents itself. After the short bangs and the curtain bangs, it's time for the “bottleneck” bangs, which we are likely to see everywhere this year.

Bottleneck Bangs: New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt For 2023

Who says new year says new trend! And at the start of 2022, a new hairstyle trend has already been revealed. The “bottleneck bangs” (or in French the “fringe at the top of the bottle”) is about to be a hit.

Already spotted a few months ago on celebrities such as actresses Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson, the bottleneck bangs have however remained discreet. And for good reason, the curtain fringe was still on all fronts! If the latter was already very flattering for many women, its replacement suits all faces, as the famous British hairdresser Tom Smith explains on his Instagram account.

How do you get the perfect bottleneck bangs?

As the name suggests, this hairstyle takes its name from the shape of the bottle necks; small on the top, then more and more flared while going down. To obtain it, the hairdresser must start by cutting a classic fringe (but not too short) at the level of the forehead, then must slightly degrade in continuity the strands present on the side. The bangs then widen little by little from the eyebrow line.

"This allows you to adjust the length and angle depending on whether you want your cheekbones to appear larger or stronger, or whether you prefer to slim and narrow a wider face", explains Tom Smith.

Easy to maintain

Unlike classic bangs, bottleneck bangs require less maintenance. To style it, you just have to separate each part of the fringe (still wet) in two and then dry it roughly. Then, it's up to you to texturize it as you wish by twisting your locks between your fingers coated with wax or by making a few very light curls.

How do you get the perfect bottleneck bangs? | Bottleneck Bangs: New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt For 2023


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