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These 3 Hair Colors Should Be Avoided By Women Over 50


Whatever you like is allowed - whether you're 30, 40, or 50. But if you believe stylists, there are three hair colors or techniques that are less flattering to women than other tones from a certain age.

These 3 Hair Colors Should Be Avoided By Women Over 50
These hair colors are unfavorable for women over 50.

The big 50 is cause for celebration: women have found themselves, know their style and assets, and appreciate (mostly) not having to deal with the same problems as their daughters. Even the first gray hairs are no reason to despair and can be staged in a great way. But what about a completely new haircut or a new hair color? Anything goes - that's for sure. But stylists advise against certain dyeing techniques because they can accentuate faces rather unfavorably.

No ombre, no bleaching

Hair expert Ghanima Abdullah advises against extremely bleached highlights in the hair. Very light and very dark highlights simply do not go well with gray hair and make the hairstyle look artificial and unnatural. The situation is similar with ombre styles, i.e. with color gradients, which are not only very maintenance-intensive but also fade quickly and can then appear frayed. What the expert means by that can be seen wonderfully in Halle Berry: Two thick blonde block strands, unfortunately, look more unnatural than highlights gently brushed into the hair.

No ombre, no bleaching | These 3 Hair Colors Should Be Avoided By Women Over 50
Halle Berry with block strands on the left - and with natural highlights on the right.

Don't stick to old styles

Stylist Fae Norris wishes women over 50 would no longer stick to their "familiar" hairstyles. "Women, in particular, cling to the hairstyles that used to look good on them - but forget that they need an update every now and then." Because not only does the hair volume change with age, but also the hairstyle trends. "Adjusting your style keeps you looking young." That certainly doesn't mean you should follow every trend, but how about a classic fringe or a long bob? The best example is Sandra Bullock: Her signature hairstyle is long hair - but with a fringe, she looks stunning - and also somehow fresher, right?

Don't stick to old styles | These 3 Hair Colors Should Be Avoided By Women Over 50
Sandra Bullock with her "Signature Look" on the left and with fresh bangs on the right.

Which style suits women over 50?

Women over 50 don't have to look boring - on the contrary. Ghanima Abdullah recommends incorporating multiple dimensions into your own hair color - and as naturally as possible. "If your hair is brown, the stylist will use anything from lighter shades of brown - all the way down to a soft golden hue. But they will never bleach your hair."

Women over 50 are flattered by soft looks not only in terms of color but also in terms of cut: cuts that naturally frame the face or slight layers emphasize the great advantages of this age and make faces appear softer.

Soft cuts flatter:

Which style suits women over 50? | These 3 Hair Colors Should Be Avoided By Women Over 50

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