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Coconut Oil For Your Hair: Why It Belongs In Your Hair Care Routine!


It is supposed to make dry hair silky, prevent split ends, and care for the scalp - coconut oil for hair is rightly considered an all-rounder.

Coconut Oil For Your Hair: Why It Belongs In Your Hair Care Routine!

Coconut oil for your hair - our hair care tip

Coconut oil can be used in many ways not only for hair but also for cooking and body care, for example for oral health or skincare. To obtain coconut oil, the pulp of the coconut is pressed. The oil is solid and white and only becomes liquid and clear at a certain temperature.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hair?

Opinions are divided when it comes to whether coconut oil is good for your hair. Oftentimes, people use coconut oil on dry hair to add moisture to it. Sometimes hair actually needs some water to do this. However, since oil and water do not go together and repel each other, coconut oil prevents this moisture supply.
However, a Brazilian study from 2015 also shows that it has many advantages. It prevents hair breakage, and coconut oil is also good for the scalp as it prevents dandruff and fungus. Scientists from India have researched that coconut oil even helps against protein loss in the hair.

Who is coconut oil for?

Because coconut oil is good for the scalp due to the antibacterial lauric acid, people with itchy or flaky scalps benefit. Coconut oil gives those who tend to have brittle hair fresh and healthy tips. Hair breakage can be prevented and split ends treated. Due to the antioxidants such as vitamin E, the oil acts as a protective layer and makes the hair more resistant.

The oil can also help those who suffer from hair loss. Because the vitamins and minerals it contains can stimulate hair growth. Those who have fine hair should not use coconut oil for their hair. The oil weighs you down. There are better oil alternatives for hair care here.

Which Coconut Oil Is Best For Hair?

Coconut oil for hair should be of good quality. It is best to use organically grown, cold-pressed, unrefined, unbleached oil. Vitamins and minerals are not lost in a gentle production process. On the other hand, heat destroys valuable ingredients.

The right coconut oil for hair is available in organic or drugstores. Numerous ready-made products can be found there. The advantage is on the one hand the simple and uncomplicated application. In addition, you can hardly overdose on the oil. This can damage the hair and make it greasy.


Coconut oil for hair: application tips for your care routine

Pure coconut oil can be used in many ways for hair care.

  1. While washing your hair, you can warm the oil in your palms, then massage it into damp hair and scalp, leave it on for a short time and then rinse off with shampoo.
  2. Ready-to-use coconut oils from the drugstore are suitable as a conditioner immediately after shampooing. For this, you should distribute an amount about the size of a hazelnut in the lengths and tips, let it work for two to three minutes. Then wash out with lukewarm water.

But: can you put coconut oil in dry hair? Absolutely, because the oil is also suitable as a leave-in product for the tips. To do this, simply heat a small amount in your hands, distribute it on the dry ends of your hair, and do not wash it out. It is important not to use too much oil, otherwise, the hair will look greasy. Overnight hair treatment can also be used with the oil on dry hair.

This is how the coconut oil hair treatment works overnight

Massage the heated oil into all of your hair, wrap a towel around your hair and wash it out with lukewarm water the next morning. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Coconut Oil Alternatives: Which Oils For Hair?

It's not just coconut oil that is good for your hair. Other oils such as olive oil, argan oil, or castor oil are also suitable for hair care. Which oil is best depends on the individual hair structure. With very fine hair, coconut oil is rather counterproductive. Jojoba oil or argan oil care for fine and thin hair particularly well and even give it additional volume.

Other oil alternatives are olive oil and castor oil. As with coconut oil for use as an overnight hair treatment or as a conditioner. Often olive and coconut oil are also mixed. There is no general answer to which oil is most useful for your own hair. Therefore: just try it out.

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