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Blowout Hair Is Now Celebrating Its Comeback


Nobody can avoid this trend hairstyle in 2022: blowout hair is celebrating its comeback. But what is the hairstyle all about and how is it styled?

Blowout Hair is Now Celebrating Its Comeback
Blowout hair is the trend hairstyle for 2022.

Blowout Hair is Now Celebrating Its Comeback
Duchess Kate is also a fan of the blowout and wears her hair voluminously blow-dried.

What is blowout hair?

Blowout hair was all the rage in the '90s. This is a hairstyle in which the hair is blow-dried in a voluminous manner, giving the impression that you have just come from the hairdresser. Now the trendy hairstyle is making a comeback and is being worn by many stars and influencers such as Jennifer Lopez or Tiktok star Erin Miller (see below). But how do you style the trendy blow-dry hairstyle?

What is blowout hair? | Blowout Hair is Now Celebrating Its Comeback
What is blowout hair? | Blowout Hair is Now Celebrating Its Comeback
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Blowout Hair: How to Style It?

First, wash your hair and use a conditioner to give it a silky shine. Avoid heavy treatments and the like, so that the hair later falls loosely and easily. After washing, gently pat hair dry with a towel, brush through and add heat protectant and mousse for the perfect hold. Then grab a hairdryer with an attachment and a round brush.

Now divide the hair into sections, start with the lower strands and slowly work your way up to the top of the head. To do this, always blow dry a strand of hair approx. 2 cm wide using the round brush. This creates a lot of volumes. You can blow-dry the strands inwards and outwards, this looks particularly playful. Finally, fix with a good amount of hairspray so that the dream hairstyle lasts for a long time!

Who suits the blowout?

The hairstyle is great for those who want a little more volume and it suits everyone. However, the mane should have a certain length for this. The blowout is perfect for medium to long hair from shoulder length.

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