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Eye Irritation: Euphrasia - When The Eyes Need Comfort


Our eyes are sensitive. The eyelids quickly smolder, the conjunctiva is irritated or even inflamed. A herbal remedy for such ailments was already known in the Middle Ages - the plant is tellingly called eyebright or euphrasia. You can still benefit from centuries of treatment experience today.

Eye Irritation: Euphrasia - When The Eyes Need Comfort
Euphrasia - when the eyes need consolation...

If your eyes sting, if they are red or puffy, in many cases the cause is a virus or bacterial infection. They enter your body when your immune system is weakened - for example, by rubbing your eyes. However, an allergy can also make your eyes swell. Before resorting to a homeopathic remedy like Euphrasia, you should have your doctor clarify the cause of the symptoms. As a homeopathic preparation, the so-called eyebright can support the treatment and help the symptoms to subside soon.

Herbal Medicine

Euphrasia officinalis or real eyebright is the name of the plant that is used fresh or dried to make a homeopathic remedy. So that it can thrive in pastures or poorly fertilized meadows, it deprives the grass roots of nutrients. That is why the genus is popularly known as the meadow wolf or weiddief. Euphrasia officinalis has white flowers with purple veins and is widespread in Europe. For hygienic reasons, however, you should not collect and use the plants yourself, but rather take ready-made medicines. The ingredients of the summer plant include iridoid glycosides, lignans, flavonoids, and phenylethanoid glycosides - but so far it is not known why they are good for the eyes.

Globules, drops, or tablets

The mother tincture made from the components of the plant is contained in globules, tablets, or drops, which you can buy in specialized pharmacies. You get Euphrasia in different so-called potency levels. Those labeled D6 or D12 are recommended for self-treatment. Adults can take five globules or drops three times a day - alternatively, it is also possible to swallow a tablet. You can give children half a tablet or three globules or drops dissolved in water. Even small children and infants can be treated with the sweet sugar globules; they are given one or two globules, depending on their age. In principle, however, drops or pieces of a tablet dissolved in water can also be given.

Enhance the effect

You can also apply drops or an ointment with Euphrasia directly to the affected eye to intensify the effect. In folk medicine, compresses or eye baths with eyebright tea are also used for this. However, if you want to take the remedy in higher potencies such as 30C, it is better to ask therapists who are experienced in homeopathy beforehand. This also applies to pregnant women or nursing mothers who should always discuss with a doctor whether they can take Euphrasia.


When the symptoms subside

If the eyes start to swell, you can only take globules or drops once or twice a day until the symptoms go away. If that doesn't happen, you should seek medical help from an ophthalmologist.


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