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Monica Bellucci Reveals White Hair And Long At 57 Years Old


Goodbye black hair, she is metamorphosed...

Monica Bellucci dares a radical transformation by flaunting gray and long hair. The 57-year-old actress is simply unrecognizable.

Monica Bellucci Reveals White Hair And Long At 57 Years Old
Instagram: @labefenailfilm

Monica Bellucci transformed. At 57, the actress reveals herself in a new light. Forgotten the femme fatale adorned with jet black hair. The actress takes her molt to the extreme with unprecedented nuance. Monica Bellucci turns out to be mysterious and magical with long hair that is totally gray. The one who has always stood out for her spicy and Mediterranean beauty is now illustrated with silver strands that run along her back. Her silver hair is mixed with white and highlights with soft and light lilac accents. What to shape a polar shade while dimension. Sometimes worn tied and tackled, sometimes worn loose and wavy, her hair clashes. We discover Monica Bellucci's new hair look in the trailer for the film La Befana vien di notte 2: the origin (which could be translated as The Christmas Witch 2: the origins) spotted by Femme Actuelle.

If Monica Bellucci sports this special shade, everything suggests that this is a wig displayed for the purposes of the film. Indeed, last April, the Daily Mail already relayed photos of the actress on the set of this feature film in which she plays the mystical character of Dolores. Broomstick, singular hat, and period outfit... Monica Belluci dons the full witch's paraphernalia.

Posted on Instagram, the sequence does not fail to make the fans of the actress react: "You are so beautiful as always", "Goddess", "Monica Bellucci as a witch? This is the best Christmas present "," The most beautiful and sweetest sorceress".

Controlled metamorphoses

This is not the first time that Monica Bellucci has transformed and traded her signature brown for the original color. Lately, she's showing off in blonde and reviving the fatal and sexy look of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. A transformation is necessary for the shooting of the film The girl in the fountain, directed by Antongiulio Panizzi.

In May 2017, while at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress succumbed to the platinum blonde shade during a shoot for a cover of Madame Figaro magazine. Results? A series of shots on which she shines without her dark hair. For this, she wears wigs styled and adjusted by her hairstylist and friend John Nollet. If Monica Bellucci adopts blonde in small doses, the result is always splendid and spectacular... Her extreme transformations are so rare that they are a sensation every time. Pure glamor and daring.

Monica Bellucci Reveals White Hair And Long At 57 Years Old
Instagram: @monicabellucciofficiel

Monica Bellucci Reveals White Hair And Long At 57 Years Old
Monica Bellucci plays the witch Dolores in the film La Befena vien di Notte II les Origini.

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