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Beautiful Hair In Winter: Here'S How To Protect It From The Cold According To A Hairdresser


In winter, hair can be drier, more brittle, and frizzy. Which hair routine to adopt against the cold? We asked Mahdi Ben Hadid, head of international training Lazartigue, for his pro tips.

Beautiful hair in winter: Here's how to protect it from the cold according to a hairdresser

Breakage and frizz: Cold is not tender with our hair

Brittle hair and frizz

During winter, cold, dry air can cause the cuticles to lift slightly. As a result, the scales swell and let in moisture. As a result, the dreaded frizz, but also breakage! "With no more chance of moisture to get stuck in the fiber, many women struggle with breakage during this cold time of year," Mahdi Ben Hadid warned. A phenomenon accentuated by the friction of the cups or hoods which can further weaken the hair.

A drier scalp

The alternation of cold outside temperatures and intense indoor heat can also make the scalp more prone to dehydration.

Hair loss slowed down

The only benefit of the winter season for our hair? A reduction in their fall. “In winter, the body naturally produces more melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the hair growth cycle,” teaches expert Lazartigue. And that should, in theory, mean that you lose less! "


The right routine to protect your hair from the cold

Moisturize your hair with hair oil

There is no season to take care of your hair. The more we pamper our hair throughout the year, the less we will have to worry about external aggressions. However, the hairdresser advises particularly emphasize hydration in winter by applying hair oil. "It provides the definition, continuous protection, makes hair shiny, and helps prevent split ends." It also makes disentangling after shampooing easier: just apply a few drops of vegetable oil evenly to damp hair, without the need to rinse afterward.

Decrease the frequency of shampooing

As the outside air is already dry, you should minimize anything that could dehydrate the hair. In the line of sight, too frequent washing. During the colder months, Mahdi Ben Hadid recommends washing them only twice a week (three times maximum if you have oily hair).

Focus on pre-shampoo care

If conditioners and nourishing masks do not need - especially! - not to be left out in winter, we give pride of place to pre-shampoo care in our hair routine. Homemade mask for oily hair if the scalp suffers from excess sebum, oil baths if the hair is dry or damaged, natural hair care adapted to the type of hair to be left under cellophane or a hot towel at least once per week for maximum shine… We don't hesitate to vary the pleasures! Provided, however, to select its care. "We obviously favor clean and botanical products," warns the expert Lazartigue. This helps prevent the creation of a barrier film caused by silicones that prevent the penetration of active ingredients into the hair fiber."

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