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Hair: Why Do We Have Split Ends And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?


They poison our lives and yet, they are not inevitable! They are the split ends, which we see appearing along the lengths, whether we have long or short hair. The fashion Hairdresser Delphine Courteille explains everything and above all, gives us lots of advice and solutions to eliminate them. Read the following carefully!

Hair: Why Do We Have Split Ends And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

“The crotch is the oldest part of the hair. Over time and various factors (hair rubbing on clothes, on the pillow at night, repeated coloring, sweeps, heating devices, etc., etc.), our hair becomes more and more refined ”explains Delphine Courteille, Fashion Hairdresser *. Are we all equal when it comes to forks? Yes (or almost) because in general, all hair is affected.

The reason? In every one, the hair grows from the skull. So the longer they are, the older the tips. Until then, it makes sense. The aggravating factor? Lack of appropriate care. Indeed, if you are one of those who skip hair care, you are right in the crosshairs! The problem is that little by little they go up the lengths, making the hair porous, dull, brittle. "And if your lengths are lacking in hydration, then this is the total" concludes Delphine Courteille, who explains to us how to remedy this hair tragedy.

The solutions to no longer have forks?

“You have to get your hair cut regularly and not let split ends set in. If we wait too long, they will rise higher and higher, making their eradication more difficult "warns Delphine Courteille. So don't wait three to four months between haircuts. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

What care should be used to avoid split ends?

At home: "Once a week, at least, I advise you to apply a fortifying mask or to bathe in rich and nourishing vegetable oil before shampooing (such as jojoba, avocado, castor oil)" explains Delphine Courteille. The scissor pro also recommends avoiding shampoos with sulfate, which tend to dehydrate the lengths, and favor products without silicone and without dimethicone. Limit the use of heating devices such as stylers, curlers, and other straighteners as much as possible and favor open-air drying, your hair will only be shinier. If you can't do without it, use a thermo-protective treatment before it helps limit the damage.

What care should be used to avoid split ends? | Hair: Why Do We Have Split Ends And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?
Tips, advice, and solutions to get rid of forks.

Other tips: remember to tie your hair to sleep, make a braid not too tight and opt for a silk pillow, much softer on the hair fiber (and the skin). Avoid low-quality metal brushes or combs, and generally use wooden tools. Finally, knowing "that a complete and balanced diet is also a plus for having beautiful hair" specifies Delphine Courteille.

In a hairdressing salon: “Have your hair cut regularly. If you want to keep your lengths anyway, ask your hairdresser for a dry cut. In this case, the hairdresser can only remove the forks "advises Delphine Courteille before adding" in my salon, I practice the hair dusting technique (editor's note, literally dusting the hair in French), that is to say, that I get rid of the forks without cutting the lengths, a technical watch used on the mannequins! ). We also have special split protocols, such as the Silk Protein Keratin Bath", which can really help you regain hair worthy of the name.

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