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Out! This Is How You Should Not Get Your Hair Dyed In 2023


Finally back to the hairdresser! However, if you are planning on giving your hair a new color there, this is a style that would be better avoided...

Let's be honest: we really missed going to the hairdresser in the last few weeks. Now that it is possible again, any color experiments - professionally! - to try it out, one naturally asks the question: "What do I actually want?"

Out! This is how you should NOT get your hair dyed in 2023
These hair coloring techniques are out in 2021.

Perhaps you already have a clear idea of what your favorite hairdresser should do with your hair. If that is not the case and you feel flooded with inspirational images, Cheryl Bergamy, hairstylist and founder of the Contents Haircare label, has a tip for you. In her opinion, classic dyeing techniques will be absolutely out in 2021.

Especially when it comes to highlights, it is better to fall back on more natural variants than on the often still common strands of film. The latter is simply no longer up to date. The balayage technique, for example, supports the natural skin tone, flatters the shape of the face, and is individually adapted to the natural hair color. In addition, the regrowing approach is not so quickly noticeable, as the natural hair color is not lightened there to a large extent and so there is no hard break.

Out! This is how you should NOT get your hair dyed in 2023

These advantages not only convince Bergamy, but also us. But if you feel comfortable with your highlight variant, there is of course no need to change it. But trying new things is always a welcome thrill in times like these, isn't it?

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