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Why You Should Always Prewash Your Hair?


Wash your hair before washing? Sounds absurd at first, but it has surprising and important advantages for the hair. Especially when it's stubborn, damaged, or dry...

Why You Should Always Prewash Your Hair?
Therefore, a pre-wash is not to be despised.

Some already care for their hair with masks, cures, and the like before the usual wash. But the trend called pre-pooing (short for pre-shampoo, i.e. before washing) is not yet too well known. The main goal of this pre-wash routine is to protect and moisturize the hair during the actual cleansing. This is especially beneficial if your hair is already unruly, brittle, broken, or dry, according to celebrity hairdresser Ryan Richman.

What are the advantages of pre-washing?

Richman says the normal wash routine without pre-washing removes its natural oils from the hair, making it dry and brittle. Pre-pooing serves as a base or protective barrier against normal hair washing. By sealing and protecting the hair, this pre-wash can help prevent excessive hair breakage while showering. Plus, this routine detangles the hair and then doesn't need to be combed as aggressively, says Richman. Would you like another plus point? The pre-wash makes styling a lot easier afterward. Because the hair no longer loses its oils, the hair structure and shine are retained. The hair looks anything but frizzy and wild after washing.

How does pre-wash work?

How exactly you proceed with the pre-wash depends on your hair structure and individual needs. According to Ryan Richman, the procedure can be divided into two categories: clarifying and moisturizing. If you want to freshen up your scalp, a clarifying treatment can be e.g. For example, a scalp peeling, detoxifying hair serum, or an apple cider vinegar conditioner can help. These remove deposits from the hair before washing properly.

If you want to add moisture to your hair, hair masks with vegetable oils are your best bet. Richman especially recommends coconut, argan, olive, or castor oils. These protect the hair from drying out when washing.

Such a pre-wash procedure should not take longer than 20 minutes. You can apply the products to dry hair, leave it on and use a shower cap or something similar. Then shower your body first. During this time, the heat and steam ensure that the active ingredients of the care product penetrate the hair follicles and accelerate the absorption process. Then wash your hair as usual. You can do this pre-wash routine about once a month.

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