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Lipstick Trends 2023: These 4 Colors Are Popular In Spring


Do you love lipstick as much as we do? Then you should definitely see which 4 colors will be all the rage in spring 2022!

Lipsticks are much more than just make-up, they are a statement with which we can express our respective moods. In addition, they often only add the final touch to an overall look and enhance it immensely. So that you already know which color trends you can expect in spring, we will tell you the 4 biggest trends in lipsticks.

Lipstick trends 2022: These 4 colors are popular in spring

1. Dark berry tones

1. Dark berry tones | Lipstick Trends 2023: These 4 Colors Are Popular In Spring
Berry tones now also adorn our lips.

Dark tones in berry colors are now our favorites. We particularly like matte lipsticks because they not only look classy but also last a particularly long time. Whether in everyday life or on a festive occasion in combination with expressive eyes, dark tones give every look something exciting and sensual.

2. Pink

2. Pink | Lipstick Trends 2023: These 4 Colors Are Popular In Spring
Pink lipsticks are all the rage this spring.

This color just screams spring! Whether in neon pink or powdery tones, the main thing is that the lips shine in the beautiful nuance. Pink lips were already a big trend in the 80s and are now making a comeback. Whether with a sporty everyday outfit or a playful flower dress, pink always works!


3. Orange

Admittedly, this shade is definitely only for the brave. But it doesn't have to be the bright orange lipstick. How about if you first carefully approach the trend color and choose a stick in orange-red. The color is definitely something different and shines and shines with the spring sun.

4. Nude tones

We can't get enough of soft nude tones in spring 2022 either. These look supernatural but still give our lips a well-groomed look. Tip: Put a little lip gloss on top, because glossy lips are currently back in fashion.

Mary 10:16:41 - 28.04.2022
Nude tones in lipsticks are just looooveee!!! Most lipsticks I have are nude, they just can create the best nude makeup for everyday wear. But will this trend last for the year?
Mary 17:52:18 - 25.01.2022
Wooow, these 4 colors are popular in 2022 for sure.
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