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Why You Should Never Shower In The Morning In Winter?


Love your morning shower to wake you up? We'll tell you why you should reconsider your rhythm in winter and why it's better not to take a shower in the morning.

Why You Should Never Shower In The Morning In Winter?
When to shower? In winter there is a decisive reason for the evening!

Why You Should Never Shower In The Morning In Winter?
Especially those who suffer from dry skin should reconsider their routine.

Why You Should Never Shower In The Morning In Winter?
The cold winter air causes itchy and cracked skin for many.

Shower in the morning or in the evening? In principle, this is probably a matter of taste and has very different advantages and disadvantages in each case. In winter, on the other hand, there is a decisive argument against the morning shower.

Winter air makes skin dry

Especially in winter, many suffer from skin problems due to the dry, cold air. Chapped hands, chapped cheeks, and dry legs are unfortunately not uncommon in the dark months. Redness and itching are often associated symptoms that plague us in the cold season.

Taking a shower in the morning also dries out the skin

Anyone who now decides to take a shower in the morning increases the drying process of the skin and thus the existing skin problems. A natural oil film forms on our skin at night, as it regenerates itself during sleep and is thus supplied with moisture. Jumping straight into the shower after getting up not only washes away the nourishing film but also dries the skin out further with hot water and soap.

Showering in the evening protects the skin

So if you suffer from itchy, dry skin, you should opt for a pleasant shower in the evening, especially in winter. In this way, the skin can be supplied with the moisturizing film throughout the day, while you can provide it with rich creams and lotions in the evening after the shower. Slipping under the duvet freshly showered and warmed up also has a positive effect on our sleep!

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