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Layered Cut For Short Hair: Lori Harvey'S New Trend Hairstyle


Lori Harvey's bob will be the trend hairstyle in 2022.

If you were to ask 100 people which trend hairstyle will always be hot, most of them would probably nominate the bob. Admittedly, it is difficult to prove whether this is actually the case. Except moderator Steve Harvey integrated the question into his popular game show "Family Feud". Because the game, in which two families compete against each other, is about finding the most frequently mentioned answers from 100 respondents to any question.

Layered Cut For Short Hair: Lori Harvey's New Trend Hairstyle
Do layered cuts only work on long hair? Lori Harvey proves the opposite with her new trendy hairstyle. Her bob looks so casual.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, you should hurry and watch the episodes in which the Kardashians, Eva Longoria, or Kelly Clarkson guess the race on YouTube.

Even the host's family themselves have sat across from each other in the game show's seats. Among them is his youngest daughter Lori Harvey, who would certainly have guessed the bob when asked about our hairstyle. She herself has only recently had the cool cut missed. However, her bob is much cooler than the classic version: she wears a layered 90s bob, which is guaranteed to become the most popular trend hairstyle for short hair in 2022. We reveal what makes the haircut special and who it suits best.

Layered cut for short hair: Lori Harvey's new trend hairstyle is so cool

Layered cut for short hair: Lori Harvey's new trend hairstyle is so cool | Layered Cut For Short Hair: Lori Harvey's New Trend Hairstyle
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When you think of layered cuts, most people think of long hair blow-dried with a round brush. In most cases, probably colored with an elaborate balayage technique, so that the layers come into their own even better. And even if this is actually the most beautiful trend hairstyle for long hair, Lori Harvey proves that the cut also suits women with short hair.

Her hairstylist Ray Christopher, who also styles Hollywood actress Tiffany Haddish, gave Lori Harvey's hair a whole new length and shape. What makes the layered 90s bob, which Jennifer Aniston wore in her role as Rachel Green, so casual? The slight gradations at the back of the head give the otherwise rather accurate bob cut lightness and volume - which women with thin hair in particular can look forward to.

This is how Lori Harvey styles her new trend hairstyle

The simple and uncomplicated styling is probably one of the main reasons why the bob has been the favorite hairstyle of many for decades. Lori Harvey's layered version is also suitable for anyone who has two left hands when it comes to hairstyles. The 25-year-old, who incidentally launched her skincare brand SKN by Lori Harvey in 2021, relies on the classic blow-drying technique of hairdressers for her new trendy hairstyle.

For the blow-dry look fresh from the salon, all you need is a round brush and a blow-dryer, and twist the ends of your hair in different directions when drying. This provides extra volume and gives the cut the desired 90s flair. Tip: Styling is even easier with a hot air brush that doubles as a hairdryer and round brush.

Once the hair has been blow-dried, a little dry shampoo or texturizing spray is sufficient for the next few days until you wash your hair in the morning. In addition, Lori does without a set parting and can therefore wear her hair throughout the day as it suits her. Laid aside, the steps come into their own.

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