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You Should Never Do These Things To Your Gray Hair


Do you have the first gray hairs? No problem, because that is completely normal. However, you should definitely leave these things alone.

You Should Never Do These Things to Your Gray Hair
These things are poison for gray hair.

In childhood and adolescence, it is assumed that gray hair will not develop until the age of 60 or 70. But the reality is different: around 60 percent of all women get their first gray hairs at around the age of 30.

But what's the best way to deal with it? Can you prevent graying or should you pluck out the first hairs? And do you have to adjust the care? One thing is certain: you can do a lot wrong. You should avoid these mistakes:

1. Pluck out

Even if the first gray hairs are a shock for you: plucking them out doesn't change anything or even makes it worse. If you catch the hair without a root, it will grow back just as colorless. However, if you pluck out the hair root with it, it will no longer grow back. That may not matter for a single hair. However, if you keep removing hair from your head in this way, your mop of hair will gradually thin out. Plucking out the gray hair is therefore not a good idea at all.

2. Ignore

It's completely normal that we all turn gray sooner or later. However, you should not ignore the graying. Have a close look at how fast and where the gray hair is increasing. Does anything strike you as strange, e.g. B. because the gray hair grows particularly quickly or only in certain areas, a zinc or iron deficiency could also be the reason. If in doubt, you should consult a doctor.

2. Ignore | You Should Never Do These Things to Your Gray Hair
Iris von Arnim proudly wears her gray hair.

3. Smoking

It is well known that smoking promotes the aging process. However, many people do not know that nicotine consumption also affects hair. If you want to lose your original hair color as late as possible, you should do without the fags.


4. Daily hair washing

Gray hair suffers from daily shampooing just like pigmented ones. Wet hair breaks more easily, becomes rough and dull. If you don't sweat profusely every day (e.g. when exercising), washing your hair two to three times a week is sufficient.

5. Infrequent visits to the hairdresser

If you want to conceal the gray hair for as long as possible, you should plan regular visits to the hairdresser. Your hair expert can advise you ideally, e.g. B. hide the gray strands with a slightly different cut. He can also give tips on what special care your hair needs now.

6. Improper care

Gray hair differs not only in color from your previous head of hair, but also in texture. Sooner or later it will therefore be necessary to adapt the shampoo and other care products to ensure that the new color also shines with healthy and well-groomed hair.

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