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Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022


Bob is not just a bob! This is also proven by the latest hair trend, which is currently conquering all hairdressing salons in the world. Because now everyone wants a tucked bob! We'll tell you what makes it so special and how you can easily restyle it.

Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022

The bob is and will remain our absolute number 1 when it comes to hairstyles. And short hairstyles are also super in this year - whether it's a wolf cut, box bob, or pixie cut - we like to grab the scissors and part with a few centimeters of hair. This also applies to the latest styling update of the bob: we are talking about the new trend hairstyle tucked bob! But what is special about the hairstyle? We'll tell you!

Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022

Trend hairstyle of the new year: Tucked bob

Short, shorter, tucked bob - that's the motto for the trendy hairstyle of the year. Because now the front strands of our hair are cut even shorter so that they remind us of curtain bangs. The rest of the hair reaches the chin. The special feature: The front part of the hair is always styled differently than the rest. It almost looks as if the long hair was tucked under the short strands. Hence the name! Because "tucked" comes from English and means something like "put back" or "hidden behind something".

Trend hairstyle of the new year: Tucked bob | Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022

The tucked bob not only emphasizes the cheekbones but also frames the face wonderfully with the slightly stepped tips. In addition, the large steps and the frayed ends make the hair look much more voluminous. So perfect for women with thin hair who want more fullness.

Speaking of more fullness: did you know that you can already make a few mistakes when washing your hair, which in the end are to blame for the fact that your hair just hangs flat?

Who suits the tucked bob best?

The tucked bob emphasizes and plays around our facial features wonderfully. Therefore, it suits both round and angular face shapes and gives every woman a chic and at the same time self-confident look. In addition, the hair gets new momentum and you can fight split ends once and for all. Even a fringe does not interfere with the cut but even supports it. The only question is how brave do you want to be?

Who suits the tucked bob best? | Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022

How to style and care for the tucked bob?

Another reason why we love the tucked bob so much: it's super easy to style! It doesn't matter whether it's smooth, wavy, or sleekly styled backward - pretty much anything is allowed when it comes to styling. You don't need a round brush, hairdryer, or straightening iron. The bob can be worn side or center-parted and styled as well as air-dried. Or you can wear it as an ear tuck and let one side fall forward while the other side is tucked behind the ear.

How to style and care for the tucked bob? | Tucked Bob Is The Trend Hairstyle For 2022

So that the bob falls naturally and loosely, it is best to use styling foam after washing. We also recommend that you always add some volume powder to the roots. This will make your hair more manageable and make it look fuller. You can put some hair oil in the tips so that they fall beautifully silky or you can regularly treat the lengths to a treatment or moisturizing mask. Then fix everything with hairspray and the new trend hairstyle of the year is ready.

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