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Italian Square Cut Is The Trend Of The Moment ...


The Italian bob is the bob cut that makes our hair blow air of dolce vita… Its glamor and relaxed attitude make it a trend of the moment.

Italian Square Cut Is The Trend Of The Moment ...
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In 2020, the bob was the most requested haircut of the year. In 2021, it's a safe bet that the momentum will be the same. Season after season, this length is very popular. The square crosses the ages while keeping up with the times. The square bends to our desires. Unstructured, very smooth, plunging, enhanced with a fringe, long... This cut is available to infinity without any uniformity. Never will a square look exactly like the one worn by others. Enough to affirm our personality.

After the French bob like Amélie Poulain or the modern Diana bob, which uses the codes of Lady Di's haircut, it's time for the Italian bob. Its name alone, which can be translated as Italian square, is evocative. It is already transporting us to countries where life is good.

Its structure recalls the glamor of the most iconic Italian actresses like Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren, who, at one point, was sublimated by this famous hairstyle.

Its length caresses the jaw to frame the face and underline the features and highlight the cheekbones. It's barely long to tie up but short enough to let a few strands escape in the front.

If it deploys smoothly, it is styled effortlessly and lets slightly blunt ends live. The fit emphasizes volume. The idea is to revive the glamorous look of the 60s while boosting it with a modern touch. It is about drawing inspiration from the style, not imitating it. Enough to pay homage to the greatest icons and to breathe an air of dolce vita on our hair.

Italian Square Cut Is The Trend Of The Moment ...
Monica Bellucci sports a bob in 2019.

Italian Square Cut Is The Trend Of The Moment ...
Sophia Loren in 1962 with her famous bob.

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