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Baker Boy Hat: We Fell In Love With These Models!


Baker boy hats have been among the favorite accessories of fashion girls for many years. We show you the 5 most beautiful models to shop after.

Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
The Baker-Boy hat on actress Kat Graham

The baker boy hat is one of the absolute classics among fashion accessories. The trend piece is also known under the name flat cap, balloon cap, or paper bag cap. It found its first hype in the late 19th century, especially among men in Europe and North America. From 1910 to the 1920s, the baker boy hat was seen as a hat shape for the lower classes, i.e. the working class. Where did the name baker boy hat come from? Quite simply: it was worn by baker boys to work. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that the baker boy hat became socially acceptable and found its way into the fashion world.

Baker boy hat as a fashion trend

Today it is impossible to imagine the fashion world without baker boy hats! Street style stars like Elle Ferguson or Emili Sindlev have made hats a mega trend in recent years and we girls are big fans of these pretty accessories too. They look magically beautiful, save us through bad hair days, and on top are super casual and with a wonderful lightness.

Curious? Then read on, because we have put together the most beautiful models for you.

White baker boy hats

White baker boy hats | Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
White baker boy hat to stylist Emili Sindlev

White is boring? But not at all! This season, Baker Boy hats like to be super classy in light cream tones or a plain white - and we are in love with shock! We are now styling the light version with great jewelry and airy summer dresses.

Colorful baker boy hats

Colorful baker boy hats | Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
Colorful baker boy hat to blogger Nina Schwichtenberg

Delicate pastel nuances or strong tones - anything is allowed this season when it comes to trendy colors, girls! Influencer Nina Schwichtenberg shows it with her red baker boy hat and we will do it right away! The models look pretty with white trousers and feminine ballerinas, do you think so?


Baker boy hats from great designers

Baker boy hats from great designers | Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
The designer hat to influencer Julia Haghjoo

Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana - of course, the big players also mix in this fashion trend and take the baker boy hat to a whole new level with fine materials such as tweed, silk, or cashmere. And who says no to a designer piece? Just!

Classic baker boy hats

Classic baker boy hats | Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
The classic baker boy hat to influencer Anna Schürrle

Simple, black, stylish! The classic baker boy hat is monochrome, black, and can therefore be worn with absolutely any outfit. Fits cool boots as well as casual sneakers and jeans. Our favorite!

Leather baker boy hats

Leather baker boy hats | Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!
Leather baker boy hat on influencer Sophia Roe

The grunge style is THE trend in the fashion world in 2021 and leather has also made it into the first place when it comes to accessories. Goes well with simple hoddies and is just as great with a blazer. We like!

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