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5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate


With a quick bun or braid, we can get our hair under control in a flash. But did you know what men think of hairstyles like this?

5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate
Not all hairstyles are very popular with men.

Whether bangs, buns, or short hairstyles: the list of hairstyles is long and most women prefer a very specific style, which they sometimes even stick to for years. But have you ever wondered how your partner likes the hairstyle? The US site Beauty Riot asked 50 knowledgeable men who revealed which hairstyles on women they do not like at all. Your loved one may secretly agree to these statements...

1. Undone look

Women love the undone look because it is wonderfully uncomplicated: Shake your hair vigorously, maybe a little dry shampoo here and there, and your hairstyle is as if fresh out of bed. Messy hairstyles were not at all well received in the Beauty Riot survey, with a meager 3 points in the sex appeal category.

1. Undone look | 5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate
Alexa Chung's Messy Long bob.

2. Pixie cut

Perhaps it is because men are afraid that women will compete with them with their short hairstyle, but the pixie cut ends up at the bottom of the popularity ranking. The majority of men prefer a longer mane.

2. Pixie cut | 5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate
The naughty pixie.

3. Half bun

The half-bun, also known as a half bun, is a mix of open hair and a bun that is only tied from the top hair. Young women in particular love this simple hairstyle that can be conjured up in seconds. Men, on the other hand, are not exactly fond of it. "Looks like an attempt to do something cool with your hair without a clue how to do it," was the verdict of one respondent.

3. Half bun | 5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate
Cool: half bun with an invisible.


4. Strict braid

Hair that is tied back strictly brings out the features of the face. Even so, the hairstyle didn't do well in the survey. The men found the hairstyle neither creative nor imaginative. In addition, women with ponytails were judged to be very reserved and reserved.

5. Bun

Similar to the strict braid, the bun is not exactly one of the most popular hairstyles for men. A perfectly coiffed bun looks too intentional and prevents you from having fun, the respondents found. They also feared touching the hairstyle because it can be destroyed quickly.

Of course, we still wear our favorite hairstyles very confidently!

5. Bun | 5 Hairstyles That Men Secretly Hate
The classic bun.

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