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Hair Problems: 5 Sos Tips For Bad Hair Days


Bye-bye, bad hair days: 5 SOS tips for everyday hair problems...

Goodbye, bad hair days. With these tips and tricks, everyday hair problems are a thing of the past and you can easily declare war on dry ends, little volume, or frizzy hair: We have the five best SOS tips if your hair doesn't want the way you do...

Hair Problems: 5 SOS Tips for Bad Hair Days

Hair problems: These SOS tips will help

A look in the mirror shortly after getting up and you realize that the day is a classic bad hair day and a case for a cap, beanie, or hat? Not so with these tips that will help you quickly and easily tackle five common hair problems.

1. Hair problem: Dry hair and brittle ends

Your hair feels dry and weak and split ends and brittle ends are the consequences? Then only one thing helps pure moisture. Treatments such as tinting, bleaching, or highlights make the hair porous and strain the sensitive hair structure.

This tip will help:

A strict regimen of beneficial products including shampoo, conditioner, and masks tailored to your hair type. Not to forget: the choice of suitable styling tools, e.g. a good hairbrush with high-quality bristles, also plays an important role. Dry hair also appreciates an intense dose of hair oil at the ends to minimize breakage.

2. Hair problem: Hard-to-tame curls

For some an almost impossible dream, for others a challenge: curls. Especially when the luscious curls get out of hand thanks to unpredictable weather conditions. Physical friction can create extra-wild curls, so it's best to use as few hands as possible and tame curls with specially formulated products.

This tip will help:

Instead of rubbing your hair dry with a towel, put it on one or two layers of kitchen paper to carefully absorb the moisture after washing your hair, or grab a microfiber hair turban. Then treat your hair to a sufficient amount of care and moisture with curling products and ideally also use a leave-in conditioner that keeps the curls supple under control over a longer period of time.

3. Hair problem: Low volume

One of the main problems for many of us when it comes to bad hair days is that our hair is limp and lacks volume. Products that do not additionally weigh down the hair can help.

This tip will help:

You can prevent low volume even when your hair is wet and prepare the hair with light products such as a mousse or spray and then style it with tools that add volume, e.g. round brushes with a keratin coating and natural bristles for sufficient heat protection and care. Products that weigh it down, such as serums or oils, are counterproductive for fine, straight hair if you want to add volume. A simple but extremely effective trick is to use dry shampoo. Not only ideal when things have to be done quickly, but also when you want to give your hair more fullness, structure, and density.


4. Hair problem: lackluster look

Does your hair look dull and dull? Again, the key to success lies in the proper use of moisturizing products.

This tip will help:

Especially the tips are happy about leave-in conditioners or oils, which can penetrate deep into the hair and store the moisture and thus ensure a long-lasting shine. With a nourishing conditioner, you can already ensure optimal basic conditions for styling when you wash your hair. The hair structure absorbs extra moisture and nutrients and thus locks in the moisture. It's best to blow-dry your hair in the direction of growth, so as not to roughen up the flaky surface of the hair, but to smooth it out while blow-drying. Finally, a few sprays of shine spray, and yes, here comes a radiant mane that shines healthy!

5. Hair problem: Grow out a short haircut

If your transitional cut drives you crazy and the hairstyle between a pixie and shoulder-length bob doesn't want to sit at all, patience is required until you reach your desired length inch by inch.

This tip will help:

In the meantime, going to the barber for a tip trim regularly helps. This keeps your hair healthy and allows it to grow back stronger and stronger. Between visits to the hairdresser, you should care for your hair with leave-in products and prevent dry ends with weekly treatments or masks.

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