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Madison Beer: The Star Uses These Beauty Products Against Skin Problems

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Madison Beer tells us how she solves her skin problems with her daily beauty routine and shares her beauty favorites from moisturizers to powder (for after-shopping).

Madison Beer on skincare, soap brows, and TikTok makeup

Madison Beer: The star uses these beauty products against skin problems

Madison Beer is currently experiencing the unattainable dream of many others with her meteoric rise, but the pop star also had to go through experiences such as age-typical problems that we all know - especially in the beauty sector. "I've struggled with my skin a lot over the past three years," says Beer, who for a time gave up skincare for fear of worsening her acne. "I never really had acne as a teenager, it kind of hit me when I was around 19-20, and now I'm almost 22 and my acne is just beginning to calm down and go away."

Madison Beer on skincare, soap brows, and TikTok makeup | Madison Beer: The star uses these beauty products against skin problems

Madison Beer cares for your face with these products

After a few experiments, Madison Beer’s beauty routine begins with the perfect cleaning agent, the "Anti-Microbial Acne Foaming Wash" from PanOxyl, followed by the "Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer" from Laneige and the "Lala Retro Whipped Cream" from Drunk Elephant - and a short treatment with a rose quartz face roller. A little splash of "Beauty Elixir" from Caudalie and finally the cult "Eye Concentrate" from La Mer, and Madison Beer’s face is ready for the day's make-up.

These are Madison Beer's beauty favorites

"99 percent of the days I don't wear make-up at all. I'm just too lazy, to be honest," says Madison Beer, who first brushes up her trademark, her eyebrows, with a brow soap. “But when I'm in the mood and have time to apply a complete make-up, then with these products: The" Skin Tint "by Glossier and a duo of NARS" Cream Concealers "(" Custard "shade for the eye area and the T-Zone and "Ginger" to cover stains) are applied with the help of a beauty blender and serve as the basis for the Charlotte Tilbury "Contour Wand". Madison Beer loves blush, especially when applied liberally. "I don't care if I have pimples and no concealer, I would definitely use blush," says Beer, naming Charlotte Tilbury's "Beauty Highlighter Wand in High Blush" as her to-go product. Lightening powder is applied next, followed by the Fenty Beauty “Private Island” bronzer and another round of blush, also from Fenty Beauty.


Madison Beer loves this highlighter

"It's been really great to see how much makeup has evolved over the past few years," says Beer. "I think that there are a lot of good people, especially at TikTok, who are so incredibly creative with it." Beer uses her own "Morphe Madison Beer Surfing Artistry Palette" for her eyes, a mix of "Tawny Orange" and "Fawn" drawn over the lids with a liner-like extension at the end of each eye with brown eyeshadow and one angled brush. "I love highlighter," says Beer, layering the Charlotte Tilbury "Beauty Highlighter Wand" and "Nightshine" by Glossier for extra shimmer. "I feel like it makes me feel like a wood nymph and a fairy, and who doesn't want to feel like a fairy?"

An applied lip liner and a touch of gloss complete the look, but the finishing touch is a special accessory. "I can't leave the house without my bangles - and if I leave the house without them, it's a very strange, strange day for me," says Beer. "It just completes my whole charisma. Because then I can wear sweatpants and still have the feeling of looking good."

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