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Spilanthol - Better Than Botox Against Wrinkles?

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Spilanthol is on everyone's lips as an organic miracle weapon in the fight against wrinkles - but what can it really do and is it a real alternative to botox?

Spilanthol - Better Than Botox Against Wrinkles?
Better than botox? What can spilanthol do?

Spilanthol - Better Than Botox Against Wrinkles?

What is spilanthol?

Spilanthol is obtained from the paracress (Acmella oleracea), which is named after the Brazilian state of Para at the mouth of the Amazon. After its discovery, the medicinal plant was spread by seafarers and has since been cultivated in South Africa in southern China, and in Southeast Asia. The fresh leaves are used in soups or stews and are very healthy: they contain plenty of vitamin C and folic acid. The flower heads contain 1.2 percent spilanthol, which has an anesthetic effect and was used by the local population for dental treatments or rheumatism complaints, for example. As a medicinal plant, the paracress (Acmella oleracea) does not play a major role in Europe.

Spilanthol vs. Botox: Which is Better?

Thanks to Spilanthol, natural cosmetics have long since discovered the paracress. But can a cream have the same effect as a botox? Yes and no! Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a powerful neurotoxin that is injected directly into the muscle. Due to the large molecules, botox cannot be processed in creams. So the application is different. The effect lasts for up to six months - the result is well known: from a range of rigid facial expressions to completely frozen facial features - a typical effect! Of course, it also depends on the skill and skill of the staff how the result will be afterward. You should therefore only have Botox injections done by a doctor or trained specialist. At so-called botox parties, syringes are often set inflationary for little money - leave your hands off them: injections that are not professionally set can have devastating consequences on the face!

How does Spilanthol work?

Anyone looking for an alternative can achieve satisfactory results with the so-called Bio-Botox Spilanthol. Spilanthol is combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, and/or other active ingredients for an optimal anti-aging effect. The first plus point is obvious in the application: A cream is applied externally and not injected - the treatment is fundamentally different. Due to the numbing effect of the ingredients, the facial muscles relax and a quick result is visible - by strengthening the fibroids, expression lines are reduced: Thanks to the products, the face looks more relaxed, the complexion fresher and there is no question of a rigid Botox face. However, it is reversible, which means it does not last. The cream must therefore be used regularly, whereby the depth of wrinkles should even be reduced or the formation of wrinkles should be prevented.

At the moment there are mainly face creams and serums with spilanthol on the market.

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