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Tiktok Hairstyle Trend: Can You Really Make Curls With Your Fingers?


When it comes to curling irons, opinions differ. While some integrate the beauty tool into their routine almost every day, others are rather skeptical. And with good reason, because styling at such high temperatures is damaging to the hair, even with the more modern, gentle technologies. But there is good news for fans and opponents: A video is circulating on TikTok that provides us with the perfect instructions on how to make curls easily with your fingers - without a curling iron! But does it really work?

TikTok Hairstyle Trend: Can You Really Make Curls With Your Fingers?
Influencer Xenia Adonts wears the object of desire: a curly mane! The latest TikTok trend shows how this can be done without a curling iron.

Finger curls: How TikTok hairstyle trend works?

The hack comes from the Dutch TikTok user Quinty Mirjam de Vries. “Did you already know that you can make curls with your fingers?” She starts her video. Of course, we will stay tuned and follow their instructions:

  1. Separate a section of hair and hold it between your thumb and forefinger about four inches from the hairline.
  2. Then form a loop by placing the strand over your index and middle fingers.
  3. As a third step, wrap the lower part of the strand around the upper part that you are holding.
  4. Wait a while... then carefully loosen the braid.

Et voilà! The result shows: The trick works - the influencer presents her perfectly curled lock. So although we can leave our curling iron in the drawer from time to time, this does not apply to the styling products: fixed with hairspray, we have a little longer from the curls!

Finger curls: How TikTok hairstyle trend works? | TikTok Hairstyle Trend: Can You Really Make Curls With Your Fingers?
Instagram: @quintymirjam

Hairstyle trend finger curls on TikTok: Approved by users

Admittedly, on TikTok, you always see tips and stylings that are rather questionable. Even the curls without a curling iron make you doubt: wrap strand by strand and wait? That definitely takes a lot of time and patience. In the end, however, the project seems to be worth it. 31,000 views and numerous positive comments definitely speak for themselves.

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