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Wash Hair Properly: 60/180 Rule To Make The Shampoo Work Better


In addition to choosing the right products, this simple rule of exposure time is ideal for washing your hair properly and effectively.

Wash Hair Properly: 60/180 Rule to Make The Shampoo Work Better

How long should you massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp for it to work properly?

Washing your hair properly is not just about choosing the right shampoo for your hair type and condition. There are some expert tips for a professional at-home hair wash that will make hair look better and stay fresher for longer. But in this series of tips that really work, there's one we haven't talked about yet: It's about the right amount of time the shampoo should be left on the scalp. As with the use of cleansing products for the face, the so-called 60-second rule also applies to shampoo: You should use the shampoo for that long to achieve the best possible effect. Most of us spend very little time applying shampoo — it takes me less than 20 seconds — but when you think about how the experts at the hair salons do it, you realize how wrong we are. This is what hairdresser Gabriel Llano explains to us, who advises leaving the shampoo on for between 1 and 3 minutes (or between 60 and 180 seconds), depending on the condition of your hair. "The longer and more damaged the hair is, the longer the shampoo needs to work," he explains. Long, color-treated hair has to put up with these 3 minutes without any ifs or buts, while shorter, uncolored hair needs less time.

The relevance of a massage

During this waiting period, one shouldn't just sit idly by, but, as Llano points out, massage the scalp for at least a minute before rinsing. "This way the product can be better absorbed and achieve better results," he explains. While there is no scientific evidence that hair massage accelerates hair growth - although the use of hair massage brushes has become a trend - it does stimulate blood microcirculation and is, therefore, a plus for healthier and more beautiful hair.

The type of shampoo also influences the waiting time

Llano also points out another interesting fact about washing your hair properly, which has to do with the type of shampoo you use, because if it's a repairing or moisturizing shampoo, you should wait scrupulously for the ingredients to work. Therefore, in these cases, the 3 minutes are appropriate and necessary.

The shampoo should reach the ends

While we know that shampoo is always applied to the scalp - and behind the ears too - it's important that the shampoo also gets to the ends of the hair. The point is not to massage it into that part of the hair, but to pull it through the rest of the hair to reach and remove any residue. "It's about gradually pulling it up and down, not to break up the cuticle and tangle the hair, but to cleanse the hair and ensure the entire length of the hair is moisturized and cleansed. A well-moisturized head of hair looks more even and smoother," concludes the expert.

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