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Curly Girl Method: What Does It Consist Of?


We tell you all about the Curly Girl method...

Maintaining your curls is rarely a cakewalk. The natural Curly Girl method, however, could change that. We explain how.

Curly Girl Method: What Does It Consist Of?

Curly hair is never easy to maintain and having pretty, well-designed ringlets can be a real challenge. However, the Curly Girl method makes it possible to preserve and tame flyaways, in the most gentle way possible. We tell you more in this article.

Presentation of the Curly Girl method

The Curly Girl Method is a way to maintain curly hair naturally. It is for all women with curly hair. For it to be effective, it is necessary to use special products that, for example, can be found at Hairlust. The brand is recognized for these shampoos and other maintenance products for wavy and curly hair and is recommended by consumers.

Concretely, here is the procedure to follow to apply the Curly Girl method. You must first carefully untangle your hair, strand by strand, and before washing. It is then advisable to use your fingers or a comb with wide teeth, in order to avoid breaking the hair. In order to start off on the right foot, it is then recommended to make a special shampoo that will clean the scalp in depth. Only then can you just wash your hair with conditioner? Although it may seem strange, be aware that frizzy and curly hair particularly appreciate this method which is both richer and softer. Note that it is still possible to use a mild shampoo every two or three days, especially when you have wavy hair.

What products to use?

The best products for the Curly Girl Method to adopt are the following:

As for the conditioner, the ideal is to find one that is rich in nutrients. Thus, it will hydrate and nourish the scalp even better. And the trick to know, whatever the product used, is to rinse your hair with cold water. In this way, the scales will close and restore shine to the curls. It is also better to avoid the hairdryer and favor natural drying or through a diffuser.

Tips for defining curls

In addition to applying this beauty routine, there are some tips to know to keep curls longer. The first is to sleep on a silk or satin pillow. These are indeed materials that help retain the hydration of the scalp and avoid friction that attacks the hair fibers. Also, say goodbye to the traditional towel. Opt for microfiber, bamboo, or a cotton t-shirt. Finally, every morning, don't forget to refresh your curls with a mist of water spray. This way, you will strengthen them and be able to space out the shampoos better. And of course, don't forget that the result will not necessarily be instantaneous, especially if you had got into the habit of straightening your hair. Your hair will have to get used to your new routine before it can be enhanced.

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