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Lose Weight: 6 Foods That Will Stop Cravings

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6 foods that help relieve cravings...

Anyone who goes on a diet thinks about food all the time - at least that's what it feels like. If you also have a free minute, you can imagine a feast with a surprisingly colorful imagination. And already the stomach growls.

Lose Weight: 6 Foods That Will Stop Cravings

It is not uncommon for one to become weak at some point, give in to the cravings, and interrupt the project against the fat pads. Who doesn't know the game? Then you feel frustrated and try again. How to break this cycle: With the following foods you can bring your cravings under control and still lose weight.

6 foods that can stop cravings

1. Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs or omelets provide plenty of protein, minerals, and vitamins and are the ideal start to the day for anyone who wants to lose weight or not. In addition to the healthy and low-fat energy boost for good training results and tight contours, eggs keep you full for a long time. In combination with fresh herbs or tomatoes, you can provide a healthy variety.

2. Avocados

In addition to valuable vitamins, the exotic superfood is full of essential fatty acids, which ensure a lasting feeling of satiety and, at the same time, more beautiful skin and shiny hair. Avocados also contain an enzyme that stimulates digestion and melts fat deposits faster. The avocado can be spooned out with a little lemon juice and salt.

2. Avocados | Lose Weight: 6 Foods That Will Stop Cravings


3. Apples

"An apple a day..." You know the saying. An apple a day not only boosts your health but also stimulates digestion and ensures that you eat less - especially less sweet things. It is best to eat half an apple before each meal and have it ready as a healthy snack in between. Mainly sweet and sour varieties like Granny Smith, Boskop, Elstar, Golden Delicious, or Pink Lady stop hunger.

4. Celery

Raw food is recommended in every diet as a low-calorie snack that also provides minerals and vitamins. Cucumbers and carrots are particularly common. Celery is just as the firm to the bite and uncomplicated. Due to its detoxifying and draining effect, it is a useful diet booster anyway. The bitter substances curb the appetite. A tasty variant: chop it up and let it steep in hot water with tea for about five minutes. Or mix with other healthy diet foods such as apple, broccoli, spinach, and kale to make a smoothie.

4. Celery | Lose Weight: 6 Foods That Will Stop Cravings

5. Ginger

During a diet, there should always be some ginger in the house to prepare ginger water or tea from the freshly cut slices or to season the smoothie. Ginger provides valuable antioxidants, calms the stomach, and immediately counteracts a feeling of hunger.

6. Mint tea

If you are always in the mood for sweets - peppermint tea is the solution! As a tried and tested remedy, mint regulates digestion and soothes the stomach. As a tea (whether cold or warm), the menthol taste is refreshing and reduces the desire for sweets or desserts with an immediate effect. In summer, simply put the tea in the cold and refine it with a little lemon juice or lemon balm.

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