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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair?


On the catwalks as in the street, curly, frizzy, or frizzy hair takes power and reveals itself, more stylish than ever. It's decided, we zap the hair straightener and let the sexiness of our curls express itself. Here are the best tips to take care of your curly mane and flaunt curls that have guts.

How to take care of curly hair?

What cut on curly hair?

A cut on curly, curly, or afro hair is very different from a cut on smooth hair. To obtain a hair look adapted to the nature of your hair, it is better to go to a trained hairdresser, advises Sandrine Sophie, founder of Kalia Nature, the brand specializing in natural hair care for curly, curly, and frizzy hair: “For a long time, hairdressers straightened hair before making a cut on curly hair. Today, there are techniques that allow you to cut directly on curly hair and thus obtain a homogeneous shape. This keeps the curl and respects the nature of the hair. ". Before making an appointment in a salon, it is therefore recommended to find out about the cutting techniques adopted by the hairdresser.

Care of curly hair: color gently

If you throw it away, curly or frizzy hair remains fragile. Dry by nature, it should be handled with care. “The sebum does not flow easily along with the fiber of curly hair, so it will be very dry after coloring. The ideal is to favor a vegetal coloring that respects the nature of the hair. »Recommends Sandrine Sophie. If, however, you opt for permanent coloring with oxidation, it is important to then apply nourishing treatments that will replenish the fiber with oil baths or deep masks.

Nutrition and Repair Mask with Organic Cupuaçu Butter - Klorane

Klorane Organic Cupuaçu Butter Nutrition and Repair Mask contain 96% natural ingredients. Its dense and creamy formula deeply nourishes, strengthens the damaged hair fiber, and improves its resistance.

What routine to wash curly hair?

Curly, frizzy, or frizzy hair requires a less frequent washing rhythm than other hair types. A hair that has too much water will become heavy, dry, and break. We recommend shampooing every five to eight days. On frizzy hair, you can even count 15 days between two shampoos. The important thing is to brush your hair regularly to remove impurities, you can also refresh them with hair milk containing essential oils, its antibacterial action will cleanse the scalp.

Perfect Clean Shampoo - Les Secrets de Loly

This shampoo gently removes impurities. Its coconut washing base prepares for detangling and redraws curls, pure baobab protein rehydrates and strengthens lengths and apple extract rids the scalp of impurities and re-oxygenates it. Bonus: its creamy foam turns hair washing into a pleasure getaway.

How to dry curly hair properly?

Fragile, curly hair requires specific drying. Sandrine Sophie recommends two methods: "The first way to dry curly hair is to use a cotton t-shirt that will absorb water and preserve the hair's natural curl. We wrap it around the hair and keep it for about 30 minutes. On curly or frizzy hair, and depending on the capillary porosity, this time may be longer. The second method is to use a bamboo or microfiber towel that will prevent the hair from rubbing like a regular towel."

Hair towel - Les Tendances d'Emma

Emma's Trends Hair Towel is made from 90% organic bamboo viscose. It is suitable for all hair lengths and promotes rapid drying, much less aggressive than the heat of the dryer.

How to dry curly hair properly? | How to take care of curly hair?


How to take care of porous curly hair?

Curly or frizzy hair has different porosities. Depending on this porosity, the care routine must be adapted. The creator of the brand, specializing in natural hair care for frizzy, curly, and frizzy hair, explains how to determine the porosity of her hair: To know the porosity of your hair, you have to do the glass of water test. We take a hair free of product, and we put it in water. Depending on whether this wick remains on the surface, or if it descends, we can identify its porosity. The slightly porous hair will stay on the surface because its scales are closed and water will not penetrate the fiber. On the other hand, the porous hair will sink to the bottom of the glass. Depending on the result, the care routine will therefore be modulated. Some oils, for example, are not recommended for porous hair: "Thick oils like coconut oil or castor oil are not suitable. They will weigh down the fiber. Note that curly hair will benefit from the moisturizing benefit of hibiscus oil. Its virtue is to maintain the state of hydration and it is suitable for all porosities ".

Multi-purpose Hibiscus Cream - Kalia Nature

Kalia Nature's multi-purpose Hibiscus cream is full of vegetable oils that intensely nourish dry, curly, or frizzy hair and keep it in great shape. Hydrolyzed silk proteins and vegetable ceramides restore the quality of the hair fiber and tighten the cuticles for healthy, shiny hair. Its delicious pink marshmallow-style texture glides over the hair to envelop it softly.

Curly hair: what routine to adopt at night?

Rubbing, sweating ... At night the hair is damaged. How to avoid the sparkling effect of waking up and keep your curls from the first day? Sandrine Sophie reveals the secret to us. "You can invest in a silk or satin pillowcase because the cotton pillowcase has the pitfall of absorbing the sebum of the hair fiber and therefore drying it out. You can also bet on a nightcap, not very glamorous, but very effective! "

Natural silk pillowcase - Zimasilk

The Zimasilk Natural Silk Pillowcase comes in many colors and promotes luminous skin and silky hair when you wake up.

How to redraw pretty curls?

Loops sometimes make life difficult for us. While they are sublime, they require maintenance and tend to falter quickly to look like a mousse, far from the crisp waves of Halle Berry. To remedy? The expert gives us her tips: "To wash your hair, we opt for shampoos that have a" jelly "texture that will help define the curl, without weighing down the fiber and without drying it out. This texture helps to maintain hydration over time and thus define the curl. Then there is an essential beauty gesture to sport beautiful curls, and that is hydration. The more a hair is hydrated, the more it will be defined. To do this, we can apply hair milk that we will seal with jelly or a balm containing butters or oils, useful to maintain the impermeability of the curl and guarantee its definition. "

Daily Care - Shaeri

This multi-purpose vegan treatment is enriched with prickly pear seed oil. Its formula composed of 99% natural ingredients regenerates the hair and boosts their vitality.

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