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Healthy Diet: Mediterranean Diet Helps You Lose Weight

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Trend diets come and go, promise rapid weight reduction, tight contours, or a holistically detoxified organism. Most of them are characterized by abstinence, can cause deficiency symptoms, and are not suitable for a long-term diet. If you really want to do something for your health and at the same time pay attention to your figure, you should go for a Mediterranean diet. Because the diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and olive oil not only reduces weight but also the risk of heart failure. Why You Should Start Dieting Today!

Healthy Diet: Mediterranean Diet Helps You Lose Weight
A mixture of fruit, vegetables, and fresh fish: the Mediterranean diet is supposed to help you lose weight.

Why The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best And You Should Start Today?

Why The Mediterranean Diet Is The Best And You Should Start Today? | Healthy Diet: Mediterranean Diet Helps You Lose Weight

The background to the Mediterranean diet

A Cambridge University study spanning more than twelve years examined the diets of more than 24,000 people associated with cardiovascular disease. The evaluation of the data shows that the expected death rate from heart failure could be reduced by 12.5 percent (which corresponds to around 19,000 people) if more people were to eat the Mediterranean diet over the long term.

The key to this diet: the balance and balance of the appropriate food, less the consistent avoidance of red meat, sugar, or fat, as Dr. Nita Forouhi, the lead spokesperson for the research group, emphasizes. That means: Buy fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, green asparagus, and zucchini at the market more often, fry the fish in olive oil and refine them with rosemary, oregano, or pine nuts. It tastes like vacation and is good for your figure and heart.

These foods are used in the Mediterranean diet - and help you lose weight

Due to the large amounts of fruit and high-fiber vegetables as well as good fats from nuts, fish, and olive oil, the nutritional concept of the Mediterranean diet is one of the most balanced that has existed so far. The daily requirement of many vitamins and minerals is also covered. And: you don't have to do without carbohydrates - avoid wheat and sugar.

These foods will help you lose weight:

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