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Hair Color: Ring Lighting, The Trendy Sweep Of Autumn


Ring lighting, this balayage that gives us a healthy glow this fall...

Want to give your hair a little boost without changing your hair color? How about ring lighting, the new canon sweep that suits everyone?

Hair Color: Ring Lighting, The Trendy Sweep Of Autumn

As every year in the fall, beauty treatments change according to the weather: on the face side, we try to compensate for the lack of light with radiance-boosting treatments and we revive the freshness of its mine thanks to make-up. , while on the hair side, we tend to change color to adopt clever hair colorations that illuminate the hair.

The latest? Ring lighting hair or ring lighting sweeping, a targeted coloring that has the advantage of not transforming the hair too radically but which is able to bring a lot of light into your locks thanks to the balayage. A new hairstyle trend that is suitable for all regardless of the original hair color and promises to establish itself as THE trendy balayage for fall-winter 2021-2022.

What is ring lighting scanning?

Selfie enthusiasts and people who shoot videos are certainly no stranger to the notion of a ring light, this ring of light that has the art of illuminating the face in a very flattering way by reproducing the way the golden hour (or a golden hour in French) enlightens us. This very special hour - and so popular in the field of photography - which precedes sunset indeed illuminates us with a golden halo that magnifies our skin because it warmly illuminates it while blurring the pores. Well, ring lighting hair simply applies its beautifying effect to the hair by recreating a play of light and shadow that highlights the face and gives a healthy glow in the process. More concretely, it is about lightening a few strands on the edges of the face to bring it more radiance, but also at the level of the roots, in the nape of the neck, and on the sides, so that the effect is visible even once hair tied. Smart!

It is not entirely a new coloring technique...

This targeted sweep is reminiscent of the hair contouring technique which also consists of highlighting the face using a few lighter strands that frame it, coloring with a natural effect, inspired by the principle of the famous complexion makeup technique that creates contrast on the face (contouring). Also offering depth and contrast to the hair, ring lighting has a good idea of ​​pushing the light effect a little further so that it works even when wearing a ponytail, a bun, or another tie as we told you just now. In short, without being revolutionary, this new scanning technique therefore clearly has advantages.

Ring lighting hair: a balayage that adapts to everyone

And speaking of the trump card, one of the last and not the least of the technique is that it adapts - just like hair contouring by the way - to all types of hair regardless of hair color. Blonde, brown or red hair whatever, the lightening does not necessarily turn light blonde but can take on less clear shades such as caramel blonde for brunettes for example. The idea is to adapt the shade and placement to each face. The only downside for fans of home coloring: you must go to the hairdresser and entrust your lengths to an expert to obtain this canonical sweep.

Ring lighting hair: a balayage that adapts to everyone | Hair Color: Ring Lighting, The Trendy Sweep Of Autumn
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