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Wedding Hairstyles For Women That Suit The Bride And Her Bffs


Wedding hairstyles for women play a crucial role in the way one’s ensemble looks! It’s time to check out a few hairstyles that are perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids!

Often, while we may all have our own internal repository of confidence, a lot of that sense of confidence also comes from external factors like the way we look. When we sense that a single aspect of our ensemble isn’t quite working, it throws off our vibes, making us second guess everything!

At a wedding, when you’re bound to meet lots of people, a lack of confidence can show as clearly as the lipstick on your face! A great way from stopping yourself from coming across as someone feeling out-of-sorts is by controlling every aspect of your ensemble – especially your hair!

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

A great hairdo can add so much to your look that it’s really not something you can discount. So, check out these wedding hairstyles for women that work for the bride, as well as a few options for you helpful bridesmaids too!

A. Wedding hairstyles for the bride!

1. Droplet of flowers!

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

You may have seen lots of brides with buns that are fully covered with flowers, but have you seen a droplet formation that hangs low like this? It’s a really great look for brides who aren’t too confident about a bun – because it doesn’t but your face into the spotlight as harshly as a bun may do. The swish of the droplet can add movement to your look while the flowers add texture.

A passa or Maang Tikka will look brilliant with this hairstyle. If you can get something that matches the flowers, that’ll be perfect!

2. Gajra with jewels

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

Gajra hairstyles are not unheard of when it comes to wedding hairstyles for women, however, creating a tight formation with these flowers and highlighting the expanse of black hair on the scalp only with bridal jewellery can create a stunning effect.

To nail this look, you will need a Matha Patti with several chains that extend across your head. Stick to an all-gold piece because something with colours might be a bit much, especially since you’re also adding flowers!


3. Puffy bun with pearls!

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

Many brides wear their heavy dupattas over their heads, due to which elaborate hairstyles need to take the back seat. However, plain bun can also look fairly boring. What’s the solution, you ask? A bun with a puff on the front of the head! Add a few blingy hair accessories if you want your hair to have a few additional elements.

You can find many Bobby pins that come with little pearls at their ends, which can help you combine utility with fashion with total ease!

4. Open hair for the Sangeet!

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

This open haired look is a classic one, with strands of hair from the sides of the head being joined at the back. As it takes away hair from your face, it can be a great way to look neat while still rocking open locks. Something like this works best for a Sangeet or Mehndi, rather than the wedding ceremony itself.

For a contemporary take on this look, create a bun at the back of your head instead of a ponytail! You can even manoeuvre it into a top knot!

B. Wedding hairstyles for the bridesmaid!

1. Set curls with hair swept back

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

Here’s a look that’s perfect for almost every wedding event. Curls are one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for women, but this one gives it a twist to keep it from looking clichéd. The hair at the front has been swept back and kept in place with a ton of hair spray while the bottom is curled tightly. This is great for a very Barbie-sque look.

Do not spray too much hairspray because that can make your hair look super crunchy and stiff!

2. The classic high pony!

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

Do you have cheekbones to die for? Then why are you even debating with yourself about the wedding hairstyles for women that you must try? Sweep your hair into an Ariana Grande-sque high ponytail and you’ll look fabulous. Based on your jaw shape, you can either curl your hair first, or straighten it until its super sleek.

Add a hair accessory at the base of the ponytail for some extra bling!

3. Sleek ponytail

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

To create a sleek ponytail, remember this trick: the base of the ponytail should begin at the back of your head where your cheekbones would meet if you trace them all the way back. This can make sure that your chin does not look weak and the ponytail suits you more.

With a look like this, statement earrings are a must!

4. Low French Chignon

Wedding Hairstyles for Women That Suit the Bride and Her Bffs

A French Chignon is a type of bun that’s made at the base of the neck by twisting the hair. It’s an extremely elegant hairstyle and if you’re wearing a saree, then this is definitely the hairdo that you’ve got to rock.

Such wedding hairstyles for women bring all the attention to your face so make sure your makeup is on-point!

While picking the right wedding hairstyles for women, do make sure that you take the shape of your face into consideration. Something like a high ponytail may look a bit awkward on someone with an oval face, but the same hairdo will look stunning on someone with a diamond face shape! Additionally, you must ensure your makeup is in-sync with your wedding hairstyles for women. The same goes for your jewellery!

Want someone to help you make stunning wedding hairstyles for women? Get in touch with these hairstylists!


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