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M-Diet: How It Can Help You Lose Weight Over The Long Term?

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Fluctuating blood sugar levels are the natural enemy of any diet. It can cause typical obstacles like food cravings, weight gain, and frustration. If you want to lose weight permanently and effectively, you have to bring your blood sugar under control, say the experts. For example with the M diet.

How to outsmart your blood sugar and stay slim with the M-Diet?

How to outsmart your blood sugar and stay slim with the M-Diet? | M-Diet: How it can help you lose weight over the long term?

Fluctuating blood sugar levels lead to cravings and weight gain. The M-Diet controls exactly that and is supposed to make you slim permanently.

Losing weight: Blood sugar level as an individual diet factor

The British medical expert and journalist Dr. Michael Mosley got the impulse to develop a diet based on blood sugar levels during a routine examination when he was diagnosed with high blood sugar levels and the onset of diabetes despite the supposedly healthy, low-salt, and low-sugar diet.

During several years of research at the University of Newcastle, he was able to define foods that are proven to cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket and develop a diet concept from this that consciously controls these fluctuations and is supposed to improve both figure and health. It is essential to take into account the lifestyle, sports behavior, and individual blood sugar reactions in order to be able to create an optimal concept for each person. The name of this at least eight-week blood sugar diet is derived from the name of its inventor: M for Mosley.

Losing weight: Blood sugar level as an individual diet factor | M-Diet: How it can help you lose weight over the long term?

Green asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, and avocado are ideal diet foods.

Lose weight with the M-diet: These are the 3 pillars

The M or blood sugar diet is based on three pillars: on a low-carbohydrate diet, a significantly reduced calorie intake per day, and significantly more exercise. According to the research results, all foods that cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket and then drop drastically should be consistently avoided. This includes all sugary foods such as sweets and desserts as well as peeled rice, potatoes, and all products made from white flour (including pasta, white bread, and crackers). You should also avoid fruits that contain a lot of fructose. Instead of bananas, pineapples, mango, melons, and strawberries, sour apples, firm pears, citrus fruits, grapes, plums, and wild berries are now included in the fruit salad.

More typical diet foods such as green vegetables, lettuce, poultry, and sea fish are allowed to be eaten. Their high fiber, protein, and mineral content supports the detoxification and metabolism of the body, provides permanent energy, and keeps the blood sugar level in balance. In addition, nuts, olives, and avocados are ideal snacks in between. Their essential fatty acids stop the feeling of hunger, strengthen the immune system, protect against health risks, and at the same time ensure beautiful skin and strong, shiny hair.


This is how you can lose weight with the M diet

Dr. Mosley recommends a maximum daily consumption of 800 calories. If you find it difficult to count, you can alternatively do intermittent fasting. Sports and exercise are also recommended daily, i.e. at least 10,000 steps a day, endurance sports, or strength training. Stress should be avoided as far as possible, as it has been shown to have an impact on the metabolism and sleep rhythm and the stress hormone cortisol can also trigger food cravings.

Conclusion: Is the M-diet a useful concept for losing weight?

The M-Diet is - unlike most of the other popular diets - also suitable as a long-term nutritional concept and should even be used over several weeks. A specific nutrition plan for four weeks, recipes as well as tips, and background knowledge can be found in the corresponding diet guide from Dr. Michael Mosley. Anyone who is still unsure or who may suffer from existing problems with blood sugar levels should not implement this principle without medical advice. Incidentally, the M-Diet can also be combined with the popular form of intermittent fasting. Here too, Mosley gives tips in his diet guide on how the two concepts can be combined for everyday life.

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