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8 Pro Tips For Maintaining Long Hair


Long hair requires special attention precisely because of its length. To keep them always supple and shiny, follow these few tips from hairdressing professionals.

8 pro tips for maintaining long hair

1. Cut the tips regularly

It's a bit of a basic when you have long hair. If you want to have healthy hair, you need to trim regularly. Be careful, we are talking about tips, do not imagine that your hairdresser will cut 10 cm. Axel Joubert, a hairdresser in Jean-Marc Joubert salons, recommends cutting every 3 to 6 months. Hovig Ethoyan, hairstylist and founder of the eponymous salon, points out that you only need to cut off an inch to remove split ends and split ends. Visually, your hair will look better, without doing much.

2. Choose silk pillowcases

As we know, silk or satin pillowcases have benefits for the face. These materials are in fact softer on the skin, and friction is therefore significantly reduced - in particular, compared to cotton or synthetic pillowcases - which makes them an asset for sensitive skin. But these pillowcases are also a great asset for the hair. They will prevent frizz and small morning knots because the hair slides on these materials. Frictions are thus avoided. In the longer term, they limit the appearance of split ends and therefore breakage and hair loss. In addition, it brings more shine to the hair.

3. Use a high-tech straightener

As we know, heat damages the hair fiber, making hair more easily dry and brittle. For Hovig Ethoyan and Magali Dondon, hairdressers, it is better to avoid using a heating device too often when they are already damaged and consider using a heat-protective treatment beforehand to limit the risks.

3. Use a high-tech straightener | 8 pro tips for maintaining long hair
Dyson Corrale ™ by Dyson

To style your long hair in just a few minutes (an ultra-smooth brushing or with the tips worked outwards, sensual waves ...), equip yourself with an easy-to-use device that is gentler on your hair such as the Dyson Corrale straightener™. Its flexible manganese and copper plates have been specially designed to bring together and hold the locks of hair. As for its curved outer shape, it was designed to help you create curls and waves - in addition to easily achieving silky straightening, without having to iron over several times. However, fewer plaque passes mean hair with half the damage * and one that can be kept long without having to cut it too often (the nightmare of all people with long hair!).

In addition, its carrying pouch and airplane mode allow it to follow you on all your travels and its battery life of around 30 minutes wireless **, to pep up your hairstyle before any important event. And here is your totally optimized styling!

*Thermal damage measured by hair resistance when creating an equivalent hairstyle. Tested with soft plates and rigid plates.
**The exact usage time depends on your hair and styling habits.


4. Do not tie up your hair

“Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid tying your hair often, especially with strong ties,” recommends Hovig Ethoyan. During the day, therefore, avoid scrunchies and other elastics which will tend to break the hair fiber where you put them. That's why you have a nasty bump at night when you undo your ponytail. But don't worry, hairstyles are fine, only your best is to use soft ties, like scarves, bandanas, headbands, or even hats. The choice is vast! If you really want to use rubber bands, prefer the famous Invisibobble!

5. Choose your shampoo well

The most important thing to have long and beautiful hair is to choose the right shampoo. A person with natural or colored hair will not have the same needs. For colored hair or with strands, prefer products bearing the words “repairer” or “colored”. If you have thin hair, Axel Joubert and Gianni Coppa, founding hairstylist of R Factory salon, recommend a moisturizing routine with shampoo and treatment. Be careful, if your hair is fine, choose conditioners that are less heavy on the hair. Magali Dondon recommends leaving it in conditioner all day and then rinsing it off at night. Obviously, this is not to be done every day and rather on days when you have nothing planned. If you have thick hair, don't hesitate to put on masks at least once a week.

6. Braid your hair to sleep

Gianni Coppa and Sylver Boll agree on the same point: it is better to tie your hair at night (unlike during the day). This will limit the friction of the hair against the pillow at night. It is best to make a braid or a twist, without tightening it too much to avoid damaging the hair fiber.

7. Remember to brush your hair during the day

It is important to brush long hair, to discipline it, but also to remove the small knots that are created during the day. Professionals recommend doing this at least once a day, but also before washing your hair. For Gianni Coppa, it is best to use brushes made from natural bristles, whether it be boar, goat, or horse hair. There are also brushes made from plant fibers such as agave or sisal (a plant from Mexico).

To brush your hair properly, consider applying a detangling treatment to the half-lengths and ends to avoid pulling too much on the hair fiber and therefore breaking it. Regarding the gesture of brushing itself, you must brush well, always starting with the lengths, then working up to the roots.

8. Apply a moisturizing serum to the ends and lengths every morning.

As you prepare your skin in the morning, Gianni Coppa also advises paying attention to your hair before going to work. For that, you can apply on the lengths a serum or a cream of care to protect your hair from external aggressions (pollution, sun, dust...), but also from friction against your clothes.

Thanks to Hovig Ethoyan, hairdresser and founder of the eponymous salon, Axel Joubert, a hairdresser in Jean-Marc Joubert salons, Magali Dondon, hairdresser and manager of the Parisian salon Miss Mag, Sylver Boll, director of education Franck Provost and Gianni Coppa, hairdresser founder of the salon R Factory.

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