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Singer Nicole Scherzinger Is Now Wearing Her Hair Short


What do Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Nicole Scherzinger have in common? Sure, they are among the most successful singers of our time. But one more thing unites the three beauties recently: their hairstyle. Because all three have separated from their long hair and opted for a short bob. The fact that three of the most influential stars in the world are taking this step proves that the bob is probably the biggest hairstyle trend of 2022! You can find out here which variant singer Nicole Scherzinger chose and what makes the style so special.

Singer Nicole Scherzinger is Now Wearing Her Hair Short
Short hairstyles are trending in 2022. Singer Nicole Scherzinger has now separated from her long hair – she now wears a bob.

New Look: Singer Nicole Scherzinger is now wearing a bob

"This is your sign to try a new hairstyle," writes Nicole Scherzinger under the post about her new look. In the Instagram clip, you can see the transformation very clearly: one moment the singer still has her significant long black hair, and the next she is already sporting a short bob with gentle waves. The fans are enthusiastic: "You look great!" and "The hairstyle makes you shine!" are just two of the numerous positive comments under the post.

New look: Nicole Scherzinger with short hair

New Look: Singer Nicole Scherzinger is now wearing a bob | Singer Nicole Scherzinger is Now Wearing Her Hair Short
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But even if Nicole Scherzinger's fans are enthusiastic about her new look with short hair, they don't completely buy the change from the beauty. "The wig looks good on you," more and more users write under their post. It remains to be seen whether Nicole Scherzinger actually decided on the trend hairstyle for 2022 or whether she only changed her personality briefly with a wig. In any case, the bob hairstyle looks fantastic on her!

Nicole Scherzinger's new hair: That's what makes the bob hairstyle special

Whether long bob, blunt cut, or grungy bob: the variety of hairstyle trends is almost endless. Nicole Scherzinger opted for a very special cut: the so-called "Wob". Wob is short for Wavy Bob. As the name suggests, this is a bob that is characterized by delicate waves that are worked into the hair with a curling iron. The wob usually consists of a layered bob cut with a fringed finish. The side parting makes it a casual and hip hairstyle trend.

However, Nicole Scherzinger remains true to one thing with her new hairstyle: her hair color. We think: This is a very good decision because the black hair looks particularly elegant and sophisticated with the bob cut. However, it is important that the hair looks healthy and well-groomed.

With the singer's new look, we immediately feel like making a change. After the cut by Nicole Scherzinger at the latest, one thing is clear: the bob is definitely trendy in 2022!

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